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Some time ago, it was announced that BTOB's EunKwang will be heading to the military on August 21st. During their concert held recently, MinHyuk also revealed to fans that he will be enlisting soon as well.

With the news that two members will be entering the army, many fans were sad and emotional especially during the concert.

On August 13th, all of the BTOB members uploaded on their Instagram the same picture but with different caption.

BTOB Causes Fans To Cry And Laugh At The Same Time

BTOB Members Instagram

When fans combined all the characters which the members had posted, it says 'BTOB forever'. With such sweet actions from the members themselves, many of the fans commented that they were very touched and noticed the loving brotherhood between the 7 members.

Some fans also talked about how they began tearing up after seeing the sweet actions of the remaining members have for EunKwang and MinHyuk.

However, in the midst of the emotional posts, EunKwang also did not forget to upload a funny picture of them online!

BTOB Causes Fans To Cry And Laugh At The Same Time

EunKwang Instagram

The photo immediately caused fans to burst out laughing, breaking the 'sad' vibe which they were previously giving.

Will you be missing the two members of BTOB?


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