BTOB’s new 10th mini album, “Feel’eM”, was released on March 6th, at 6’oclock.

BTOB’s Comeback, Sit Back and Watch the “Movie”

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This New Album contains 5 songs: ‘Mal man Hae (Simply Tell)’, ‘Movie’, ‘About Time’, ‘Rock N HipHop’, and ‘Someday’. ‘Movie is chosen as their title song, All songs were different from their former style. They mostly did ballad or pop songs, however, now, they came back funky. The song is about a man falling in love with a woman with wounded past.

Music Video of ‘Movie’’ was released in the official site. The diversity and harmony of diverse color was eye catching. Dance moves were not all serious, but funny yet, catchy.

This album has shown the potential BTOB got, as they also put their own written songs in the album and tried a whole new style of music.

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