BTOB has achieved their highest success yet with their latest track, 'MOVIE' - and the boys give all credits to their Melody.

BTOB released their 10th mini-album titled "Feel'eM" just yesterday, and their title track 'MOVIE' took hold of 1st place on Melon Charts, Naver Music Charts, Genie Charts and more. The song was even more special as the members took part in its composition, lyrics and arrangement. With their tremendous success, BTOB sat down for an interview about their latest 1st place comeback. 

Leader EunKwang opened up by saying, "We want to sincerely thank Melody and everyone who listened and loved BTOB's music." He also revealed the worries that they went through during the album production. He continued, "The album's concept and title are new challenges for BTOB, so we were a little worried. We're happy that we received more love. We will become the BTOB musicians who work hard to bring good music and challenge new genres in the future."

IlHoon, who composed and wrote the song, revealed his amazement at their 1st place achievement. He stated, "Honestly, we've never been 1st place on music charts for this long before. We're very honored, but it's still hard to believe right now."

SungJae followed, "Melody worked very hard. As a thank you, we'll promote harder with more fun." HyunSik who composed and wrote 'Someday' responded, "I think it's all thanks to Melody that we were able to place first with 'Someday' and 'MOVIE'. I also want to thank the members for singing so well. I especially want to thank IlHoon for creating such a good song."


BTOB Thanks Their Fans for Their Highest Success Yet with 'MOVIE'

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