BTS fans are currently urging the K-Pop idol group's agency to investigate into a possible hacking into the idol group's YouTube channel 'Bangtan TV'.

Just recently on January 17th, BTS fans noticed something strange about the 'Bangtan TV' page. They discovered that the channel's name was missing while the verification badge given to official YouTube artists was no where to be seen as well.

BTS's BangtanTV Hacked? ARMY Says So


The description for the channel was also very sketchy, as it had nothing related to BTS and talked about some anime titled 'IDOLiSH7: Vibrato'.

BTS's BangtanTV Hacked? ARMY Says So


Fans have been talking about it on Twitter ever since, urging Big Hit Entertainment to look in to the matter.


Big Hit Entertainment has not yet responded to the hacking claims.

What do you think? Was BTS's 'Bangtan TV' hacked?


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Dec 12, 2020 07:15 pm