So BTS recently got to connect with a lot of lucky fans during the iHeartRadio interview.

The group's colleague and friend, Halsey, also dropped in for a surprise as well. And we could literally see and hear how excited the fans who were present right in front of the idol group were, as they had the privilege of seeing them close up front and listen to them talk during the interview.

The interview's host asked a question around the end, asking the fans who they thought among the BTS members was most likely to forget and mess up the choreography.

While the audio in the video isn't very distinct and all you can hear is just screaming left and right, some fans who were present during the interview, and also some who have very good ears have been angry at some of their own, as they claim Jin and RM's names were yelled out the most by fans.



You can check out the full interview below. The part in question begins at approximately 30:00.


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