BTS's recent release, 'ON', is a display of the idol group's ability to re-invent themselves and come back even bigger and better again every time they put something new out.

BTS now has a total of eleven songs that have debuted on Billboard's Top 100, surpassing PSY as the K-Pop artist with the most songs on the charts.


Billboard announced that 'ON' ranked number four on Billboard's Hot 100 (dated March 7,2020).

The boy group's fandom ARMY however, believe that the calculations were incorrect and have been demanding that Billboard re-calculate, as the hashtag #BillboardRecalculate has been trending on social media ever since.


Below are some of the comments left by fans on Twitter.


And it's not just Billboard that ARMY claims has done the math incorrectly, but also YouTube, as they believe YouTube has deleted some of the views for 'ON'.

Stay tuned for updates.

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