BTS’s Jin Is The Kind Who Would Ask For His Pen Back, Even From The President



BTS’s Jin Is The Kind Who Would Ask For His Pen Back, Even From The President

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On October 15th (Korea time), it was reported that BTS made their appearance on Korea-France Friendship Concert. During that time, it was noted that South Korea’s president and the first lady were present too.

They were shaking hands, interacting with President Moon and also asked him to sign on their watches!

However, it was noted by one of BTS’s fans that apparently President Moon had used the pen provided by member Jin. Member JungKook was hesitating to get the pen back and eventually letting the president having it.

However, Jin, who was right beside him, did not hesitate and take the pen back directly from the president.

Fans who had seen the clip above could not help but laugh at the difference between the oldest and youngest member of the group. Some fans even commented that JungKook seemed like the kind of student who would be too afraid to ask from the teacher for his pen back whereas Jin would be the total opposite.

Nonetheless, many fans are very pleased and proud to see the wonderful achievements of BTS.

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I would too, the pen could be auctioned for charity now that it’s notorious