BTS Jin and JiMin were on air last 13th, in “Hello Counselor” and gave a big laugh to the audiences.

BTS Jin and JiMin Acts as Hilarious Counselors


Jin and JiMin were invited to the program as a counselor, listening to the problems of people. They were asked a lot of questions, but to the question of what charm do they have to lure fans, they gave a cute answer. Jin answered that it was because he knew so many weird word jokes so called “Ajae gag”. Ajae is a shortened word for Ajussie, meaning middle aged man, and it is named this way because middle aged man makes lame jokes.

Jin introduced three jokes that he thought was funny.

  1. I think this show has some bubbles than reality. Those bubbles are “unbelievable”. Since vable sounds similar with bubble, so the word turned to unbelibubble and earned positive meaning.
  2. If the queen of ducks stood up? “Sundukyeowang”. Sun, meaning stood up, duk as in duck and yeowang meaning queen. This was a real name of a historical figure in Korea so it was like a homonym joke.
  3. What was the reason to be happy when you are in the shades? “Happyhaeseo”. Happy sounded like Haepihaesoe, meaning out of the sunlight in korean. The pronunciation is the same which makes it another homonym

Also, JiMin revealed a surprising memory with Lee YounJa. They have met when he was three, and she hugged him while she was on a program in Busan.

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