Here's a good news for fans who waited to see JungKook showing off his bowling skills.

"ISAC" on MBC will start shooting from early September. It was revealed that JungKook of BTS is going to appear on "ISAC". WINNER, EXO, TWICE, Wanna One are planning to appear there and finally, JungKook's participation completed the hottest lineup of "ISAC". This year would be the most splendid competition of "ISAC".

JungKook will take part in bowling competition. Bowling has less possibility to get player to be damaged and there's no need to practice before. Bowling is pretty easy sport, so many idols are preferring to participate in bowling now. 

Meanwhile, "ISAC" has always been criticized by fans due to cast's small and big injuries and even gotten complaints asking for "ISAC"'s abolition. In this year, staffs of "ISAC" is trying their best in order to prevent cast from getting injuries. It is expected that shooting for this program will last for about 20 hours.

MBC opened the official website of "ISAC" and announced that they will receive applying for watching "ISAC" from September 1st 1PM(KST) to September 7th 1PM. The shooting will be on September 11th in Goyang Gym. 


BTS's JungKook Decides To Participate In Bowling Competition On "ISAC"


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Sep 7, 2017 04:37 am

bAwling? Crying competition? LOL