BTS JungKook’s Most Popular Fanpage Twitter Hits Million Followers

JungKook becomes the one who got most followed fanpage twitter among K-Pop artists.

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BTS demonstrated once again, their power all around the world. JungKook, our cutest maknae forever, gets to occupy the honor to take #1. Lately, BTS proved their power and support from fans through twitter. Many key words related to BTS popped on twitter and also conquered the top of trend search key words. 

Once again, JungKook did make it. SNOWPEACH, which is BTS JungKook’s fanpage master twitt acount, hits million followers and it’s the biggest number of followers in K-Pop, Of course, especially about artists’ fanpage master twitter followers. It shows how big JungKook’s popularity is for now. 

Meanwhile, EXO’s SeHun and BaekHyun’s ones recorded the second and third ranking. 


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20 Korean Female Celebrity With The Most Instagram Followers In 2017

Korean Celebrities are using Instagram to communicate with not only Korean fans but also all fans abroad who are Instagramers.  Kpopmap ranked up the most-followed Korean female celebrities in 2017. Check this out!

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Korean celebrities are posting from their selfies to screen shots of ‘what music they are listening now’ or ‘what they movies are watching now’ on Instagram. So, their fans can easily relate to celebrities and communicate with them. But sometimes, as SNS has always been, Instagram can cause lots of side effects. Anyway, below, find out which stars have the most popular accounts of the year.

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1.TaeYeon – 9.8m


A post shared by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on



2. Park ShinHye – 6.7m

#cnblue #between_us 오랜만에 준희소환? 언니!!!!!!!!!! 귀 호강했습니다?

A post shared by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on



3. Lee SungKyung – 6.5m


A post shared by 이성경 (@heybiblee) on



4. Yoona – 6.3m

아기융이들❣️고마워요 #0530 #융스타그램

A post shared by @yoona__lim on


5. Jessica – 6.2 m

A splendid afternoon at the @veuveclicquot Polo Classic event☀️ #vcpc10 #morechampagneplease?

A post shared by Jessica Jung (@jessica.syj) on



6. Suzy – 6.1m


A post shared by 숮이 ???????????? (@skuukzky) on



7. CL – 5.9m

A post shared by CL (@chaelincl) on




8. Sandara Park – 5.9m

Back to reality. 여긴어디난누구 ??? action!!!

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on





9. Krystal – 5.5m

A post shared by KRYSTAL (@vousmevoyez) on



10. HyunA – 5.2m

A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on



11.Tiffany – 5.1m

A post shared by tiffany ? (@xolovestephi) on




12. Kim SoHyun – 4.7m

#군주 #한가은 #세자이선 이번주도 많이 사랑해주세요❤

A post shared by 김소현 (@wow_kimsohyun) on

13. YuRi – 4.5m


A post shared by YURI KWON (@yulyulk) on



14. Amber – 4.5m

Miss these two. 보고싶다 내 아들 내 딸.

A post shared by Amber J. Liu (@ajol_llama) on


15. Song HyeKyo – 4.5m

With 옥프란체스카? #매디슨카운티의다리

A post shared by Hyekyo Song (@kyo1122) on

16. SooYoung -4.3m

#알수도있는사람 #이안 ?_ @vreathe0

A post shared by Sooyoung Choi 최수영 (@hotsootuff) on



17. Sunny – 4.2m



18. SeoHyun – 4.2m

못난이 쏘주랑 화영이?? #도둑놈도둑님 #강소주 #윤화영

A post shared by seo ju hyun(seo hyun) (@seojuhyun_s) on




19. HyoYeon – 4m

열일하니? #WannaBe #감독님 #프리픽스 , 함께 열일해주신 스텝분들 쵝오???? #Thanks

A post shared by hyoyeon kim (@watasiwahyo) on



20. IU – 4m

일요일엔 일을 해야..! ?

A post shared by 이지금 (@dlwlrma) on

Top 10 Rankings of Boy Idols’ Fan Page Followers

Who says only professional photographers can take decent pictures? If there is a high quality camera and the subject loved dearly, anyone can take the greatest photos.

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Some fans are famous for taking high quality photos of their idols and biases. They have been posting pictures they took and gained popularity among the fans continuously, until now. Here are the top 10 best fan page with the most followers.

10. EXO’s D.O – “SUAVE” – 266,000 followers 


Dio Twitter, Dio fan, Dio of EXO



9. EXO’s SuHo – “SUHOPLANET” – 294,000 followers


SuHo, SuHo EXO, SUHO Fan Page, SuHo Twitter



8. BTS’s JiMin – “JAMJAM” – 315,000 followers


BTS, Jimin of BTS, Jimin, Jimin Twitter



7. BTS’s Suga – “SU CAN FLY” – 315,000 followers


Suga, BTS Suga, Suga Twitter



6. EXO’s ChanYeol – “Lit” – 368,000 followers


ChanYeol ChanYeol of EXO, EXO, ChanYeol Twtitter



5. EXO’s SeHun – “HYPER BEAT” – 381,000 followers


SeHun, SeHun EXO, SeHn Twitter



4. EXO’s KAI – “Mr. DESTINY” – 407,000 followers


Kai, Jongin, Kai of EXO, Jongin Twitter



3. EXO’s BaekHyun – “SEE THE LIGHT” – 488,000 followers


BaekHyun, EXO, BaekHyun EXO, BaekHyun Twitter


 2. BTS’s JungKook – “SNOWPEACH” – 586,000 followers  


TS, JungKook of BTS, JungKook, JungKook Twitter


1. EXO’s SeHun – “IRIDESCENT” – 599,000 followers


SeHun of EXO, SeHun, EXO, SeHun Twitter


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Cosmic Girls Reaches Over 600k Followers On Weibo

A rookie girl band’s account is growing up on Weibo rapidly. 

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The rookie girls’ official Weibo have now reached 630,000 followers. Starship’s brand new female idol group, Cosmic Girls have quite the strong fanbase in China, as they have gained over 630,000 followers on their Weibo account. They joined the microblogging site last winter, and soon after, in less than 2 months, hit the 600K follower mark. In a matter of months Cosmic Girls’ followers skyrocketed to almost double on the chinese social network, which means Starship need to handle management for Chinese members more efficiently. Since many media outlets revealed that Starship Entertainment prepares for launch of new idol group Cosmic Girls, the 12 girls have focused on their practice for debut, and have not yet participated in any concerts or music events. 

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cosmic girls debut 2016


Hopefully the singers will have a chance to interact more with fans in the near future.