BTS Could Potentially Win A Grammy?

BTS proved not just to ARMY, but to the world that they are the best of the best in K-Pop. Billboard, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, and the AMA’s. The Grammy’s doesn’t sound like a wild dream at this point.

Besides PSY‘s ‘Gangnam Style’ which was almost purely based on viral marketing with a single music video, there has never been a K-Pop act before in history to ever achieve what BTS have. Time after time, the big three entertainment agencies, SM, JYP, and YG have attempted to create artist and idols that could infiltrate into the mainstream US and European music market. Sure, there has been some success through CL, Girls’ Generation and TWICE, but unfortunately, none of them were able to represent South Korea at an iconic US music industry event such as the AMA’s and Billboard Music Awards. They were unable to show what K-Pop really is about because their US debut was neither genuinely K-Pop nor mainstream native pop in the US. And additionally, if you think about it, how many K-Pop artists are out there that can say they beat out Justin Bieber at an awards event? To beat Justin Bieber at anything is only a daydream for virtually every K-Pop act that exists today.

BTS MAMA 2017. BTS MAMA 2017 Performance, BTS Profile, BTS AMA Performance, BTS Mic Drop, BTS Zedd, BTS Comeback, BTS


BTS MAMA 2017. BTS MAMA 2017 Performance, BTS Profile, BTS AMA Performance, BTS Mic Drop, BTS Zedd, BTS Comeback, BTS

AMA 2017

BTS MAMA 2017. BTS MAMA 2017 Performance, BTS Profile, BTS AMA Performance, BTS Mic Drop, BTS Zedd, BTS Comeback, BTS


Every move that BTS is making at the moment is a historical moment for K-Pop and the idea of them making it to the Grammies doesn’t seem like such a wild thought. After all, it was only just a few months ago that they’ve surprised the world with consecutive career milestones. Of course, BTS’s career was never an overnight success. But their sudden boom and rise to global superstardom did happen very quickly and almost exhibited a chain-reaction-like manifestation. What do you think? We’d really like to know whether ARMY or not from all K-Pop fans.


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BTS and Wanna One Killing EXO’s Popularity?

EXO members opened up recently during an interview about how they feel in relations to BTS and Wanna One‘s current soaring popularity.

EXO recently performed on the 26th for their fourth independent concert titled ‘EXO Planet #4 – The EℓyXiOn’  and held a press conference.

EXO Profile, EXO Planet 4, EXO 2017, EXO MAMA 2017, EXO Comeback


When asked if they felt threatened by the growing success of younger idol groups such as BTS and Wanna One, SuHo replied saying ‘ We are always putting in the effort to try and reinvent ourselves but the reality is that there is a big age gap between us and people will eventually get tired of us at some point if it hasn’t happened already.’ 

BTS AMA, BTS Comeback, BTS MAMA 2017, BTS AMA Performance, BTS American Music Awards, BTS Profile

Just Jared

Wanna One MAMA 2017, Wanna One Profile, Wanna One Comeback, Wanna One

Xports News

He also added, ‘We are actually proud of groups such as BTS and Wanna One are spreading K-Pop further into the world. PSY, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, and SHINee have all paved the road and made all this possible for us through their endeavors. We feel that it is the responsibility for all K-Pop idols to follow in their footsteps and do the same. We are ourselves currently working on new music to further contribute to K-Pop”s popularity all over the world.


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BBC To Release A BTS Documentary Special

Just when we thought we’ve seen the peak of the current worldwide BTS hype, they keep surprising us with something new. There seems to be no end to their current streak of record-setting achievements.

The 2017 Billboard Awards, the 2017 American Music Awards Performance, the Steve Aoki and Desiigner collaboration, the Twitter followers record, and their appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and the Ellen DeGeneres show. These are some of the achievements that megastars BTS have added to their long list of career milestones. 

BTS AMA, BTS BBC, BTS 2017, BTS Profile, BTS Ellen

Headline Planet

But it doesn’t end just there. It turns out that their popularity is also gaining lots of attention in the UK as well. Which is the reason why BBC has revealed recently that they are currently working on a special documentary with BTS. 

There is still no official information about when the documentary will be released, which may prove to be quite frustrating to all Army members out there. But anyhow, it would be a good idea to keep a close watch, this one is definitely worth the wait!


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