BTS proved not just to ARMY, but to the world that they are the best of the best in K-Pop. Billboard, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, and the AMA's. The Grammy's doesn't sound like a wild dream at this point.

Besides PSY's 'Gangnam Style' which was almost purely based on viral marketing with a single music video, there has never been a K-Pop act before in history to ever achieve what BTS have. Time after time, the big three entertainment agencies, SM, JYP, and YG have attempted to create artist and idols that could infiltrate into the mainstream US and European music market. Sure, there has been some success through CL, Girls' Generation and TWICE, but unfortunately, none of them were able to represent South Korea at an iconic US music industry event such as the AMA's and Billboard Music Awards. They were unable to show what K-Pop really is about because their US debut was neither genuinely K-Pop nor mainstream native pop in the US. And additionally, if you think about it, how many K-Pop artists are out there that can say they beat out Justin Bieber at an awards event? To beat Justin Bieber at anything is only a daydream for virtually every K-Pop act that exists today.

BTS Could Potentially Win A Grammy?


BTS Could Potentially Win A Grammy?

AMA 2017

BTS Could Potentially Win A Grammy?


Every move that BTS is making at the moment is a historical moment for K-Pop and the idea of them making it to the Grammies doesn't seem like such a wild thought. After all, it was only just a few months ago that they've surprised the world with consecutive career milestones. Of course, BTS's career was never an overnight success. But their sudden boom and rise to global superstardom did happen very quickly and almost exhibited a chain-reaction-like manifestation. What do you think? We'd really like to know whether ARMY or not from all K-Pop fans.


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