BTS’ Seven Guys Model The Iconic PUMA Brand

Sports wear brand ‘PUMA’ has released more photos from BTS’ October pictorial.

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In the new pictures, the seven-member looked very stylish in their outdoor wear. They’re the face of the brand’s new campaign, which is all about the iconic German sports wear. The brand further notes that BTS meet the brand’s image the best and with their large fanbase, the concept of Active-K was able to spread. Additionally, the functionality fashion brand enterprise has expanded to twelve different countries and is going to have great synergy with BTS in bringing in positive results both Korea and abroad. Aside from their magazine shoots, here are more of BTS for PUMA Korea. Check out their handsome photos from the brand below. 




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All of the sporty outfits were by PUMA and belonged to the Winter 2015 collection.

8 K-pop Stars Who Could Be One of BTS Members

Many multiple music insiders say BTS is quickly making their way up.

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Behind the success, many things had happened to them prior to waiting for perfect condition to make their debut. Actually, before they became seven-member group, many candidates were in there to be part of the pre-debut group, and there’s been some fierce competition for the title, too. During the competition for the seat, several trainees under BigHit Entertainment should go through a hard time to compete with each other. And after withstanding them, several trainees were able to debut as an idol group under the name Bangtan Boys with seven members.  

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Here’re eight K-pop artists who could be BTS. All day were trainees of BigHit, some of them were named as fixed members of the pre-debut boy band practically. But in the end, these guys didn’t sign with the agency. How come? There’re some reason for it.


1. Beenzino (Rapper)BTS BEENZINO

He’s been offered a job as a rapper of the group. The findings are based on his lyrics. 



2. Suwoong (Boys Republic Member)soowoong bts

He have been trained to debut as one of BTS members in about a year.   



3. Iron (Rapper)

Former DNH crew
iron bts

The famous Korean rapper, who is known as a winner of K-pop audition hosted by BigHit Entertainment, have joined the pre-debut group for two years. 



4. 11evn (Rapper)

Former DNH crewi11evn bts member

He performing mainly for underground crowds was already famous for being BTS’ fixed member. 



5. Atom (Topp Dogg Member)

bts atom trainee


He has repeatedly been said that he used to be one of the pre-debut members.

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6. Kidoh (Rapper)

Former DNH crew, Topp Dogg Member

bts kidoh topp dogg trainee

He was also a teammate with Rap Monster and trained for a year.

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7. Seungjoon (Model-Actor)bts park seung joon trainee

A good-looking guy oft-cited in Tanks To of BTS albums is closely acquainted with BTS members. They were together for three years.



8. Supreme Boi (Rapper-Producer)

Former DNH crewbts trainee supreme boy

He still acts with BigHit as a producer (help produce with Rap Monster and SUGA “No More Dream,” “Bulletproof” and “Cypher pt3.”)

BTS And SEVENTEEN’s Loveable Bromance Moments

Isn’t it Bromantic? Here’re the latest K-pop bromance momenents!

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Enter the “bromance.” Defined as “a non-sexual relationship between two men that are unusually close,” bromances are also redefining male friendship in K-pop world. Below are the hottest idols’ bromance scene.

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The best type of bromance is easily between two idol boys like BTS V and Seventeen Seungkwan who keep each other and their audience always smiling. While starring on the music show “Show Champion,” they looked like best friends in real life. After the special behind video revealed,  rumors began surfacing that the two might be more than just friends jokingly.

bts  seventeen showchampion bts v seventeen seungkwan, bts  seventeen showchampion

Moreover, a vicious triangle is operating here. When Taehyung holding Seungkwan(seventeen)’s hands, there’s Jungkook. Just let’s talk about kookie’s face when he witnessed the secretive moment. 

bts v seventeen seungkwan, bts  seventeen showchampion

bts v seventeen seungkwan, bts  seventeen showchampion

So which pair is your favorite?

BTS V’s 7 Sweet Moments Caught On Camera

Here’re 13 hot shots of the BTS tender guy.

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Compared to his age, the K-pop idol star is immature and isn’t able to become serious. It seems like he doesn’t care what others think. How did I know this? That is because his fellows have always talked about his geeky personality. Even if little is known about the idol guy, once you get to know him, you’ll see that he is a genuine person. Some were drawn by the allure of half-wittedness, other by the allure of niceness. By all means, he totally has a cheerful personality.

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BTS’ loose cannon turns 21 on December 30 and continues to get better, and sexier, with age. And luckily, 2015 brought tons of sweet, sexy moments from the star. From his daily life to onstage looks with BTS, just keep your eye on his best-looking moments caught on camera.  


1. At A Fan Signing Event

His eye tenderly appraised a fangirl before him by biting a postcard in his mouth. Many fancamers who were in there, cannot help but pop the flash at this moment.

2015 bts v legendary picture


2. Little Hearts

He showed fans a fingering to make a little heart. I swear that he is the only one who can make you smile, laugh, cry and act like a little school girl, but overall fill your heart with pure joy.


2015 bts v legendary picture


3. V Turtleneck

A warm turtleneck that it’s his signature style and you automatically know it’s him. With his simple fashion, he looks more romantic and relaxed.


 bts v airport


4. Mnet Asian Music Awards

We wouldn’t be surprised if all of Asia fell in love with V when he and BTS attended at the 2014 MAMA.


 2014 mama bts v


5. On The Way to SBS Power FM

We’ve never wanted to be a sneaker more than we have looking at this photo. 


bts v sneakers


6. Rough Hands

Since the boy’s manful looks charmed many women, now, he’s regarded as one of the sexiest men in the K-pop world.




7. Super V

Come to rescue us!


bts v superman