The boys of BTS are just too easily loveable. Not only are they beautiful, talented, fun, and just simply amazing, but they also have a big caring heart for people.

They have recently joined UNICEF's Anti-Violence Campaign, pledging 500 million KRW in donations to help children and teenagers live in a world where they can feel happy and safe. Their anti-violence campaign, dubbed as 'LOVE MYSELF', also includes using part of the income of sales from 'Love Yourself' as well. 

BTS Stands Against Violence By Joining UNICEF's Campaign

Star Daily News

BTS's label, Big Hit Entertainment, has formed a two-year partnership with UNICEF. They have also launched a separate website for the 'Love Myself' campaign, which crashed on the day it became open to the public. The members have been active on SNS in promoting the campaign with UNICEF and are showing their full support for anti-violence agendas.


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