Arguably the most globally successful K-Pop act to ever debut up to this date, heartthrobs BTS have a surprising message for their fans.

'Pied Piper', a song from 'Love Yourself: Her' that has recently been uploaded online takes an unexpected lyrical turn. The song's verse tells fans "Now stop watching and study, your parents and bosses hate me". 

Fandom is one of the many important elements of success for any musician, band, and groups. And for BTS to release a song that tells their fans to chill out and take them a little less seriously is somewhat surprisingly contradictory and admirable at the same time. Afterall, the boy group does owe part of their success to their die-hard fanbase. Fandom of any pop star or band can sometimes be over the top, sometimes resulting in dangerous situations. 

BTS Tells Fans to Stop Screaming Over Them and to Behave



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