Bangtan Boys set to make chicken even better by gracing us as the new face of BBQ Chicken!

One of the most popular chicken fast food/delivery chains, BBQ Chicken, has chosen BTS as the new face of their company! BBQ Chicken has just announced on April 11th that they have chosen to partner up with BTS because of their "young and trendy" image, with hopes of focusing on a target audience who are in their teens and 20's. With the help of BTS, they plan to make use of viral social network marketing to send out new, innovative content that they have yet to show before.

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BTS the New Face of 'BBQ Chicken'

BBQ Chicken

BTS will be following the footsteps of top celebrities, such as Suzy and Lee JongSeok, as they become the main promoters for the brand. Many netizens alike have been ecstatic with the news, and some have even commented that this solidates the claim that they are the latest daesae (most popular) of idol groups!

 Their first CF (TV commercial) is set to air on April 15th, and we can't wait for it to come faster!


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