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The power of BTSis incredible!

2 months after the release of 'Sweet Night' by V, it had broken the 8 year record held by PSYwith No.1 on iTunes worldwide in 87 countries.

For those who do not know, it is actually part of the OST for the drama "Itaewon Class".

On April 1, 'Sweet Night' had made history again and broken another record as it had reached No.1 on iTunes in 118 countries!

BTS's V Becomes The First Artist In History With The Most No.1s On iTunes Worldwide For 'Sweet Night'


With that being said, V became the only artist in the world with such incredible achievement.

For those who did not watch the drama or listen to the sweet and soothing song, you can check out the music video below!

Congratulations to V!


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Apr 9, 2021 06:18 am

Kim Taehyung we are so proud of you....Sweet Night continues to break records....all with an unpromoted OST. 💜