BTS Wins 2017 Teen Choice Awards ‘International Artist’

Apparently, BTS is conquering around the globe. They were selected to be the most ‘International Artist’.

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The 2017 Teen Choice Awards ceremony was held on August 13, 2017. The awards celebrated the year’s achievements in music, film, television, sports, fashion, comedy, and the Interenet, and were voted on by viewers aged 13-19 through various social media sites. 

BTS got acknowledged by American teenagers. They won the international artist in the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. They proved their hotness in foreign world again. As many fans already knew, BTS won ‘Top Social Artist’ in billboard 2017 Music Awards in May. This is the first time for K-Pop artist to win award in billboard. Besides, The New York Times took note of BTS by choosing BTS  to #44 in ‘Artist American loves most’ on August 7th. 

Meanwhile, BTS notice the start of a new album series recently. The them of comeback album is ‘Love Yourself‘. All the members are concentrating on promotion for comeback in September. 


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2017 Billboard Music Awards – Press Room

BTS 1st Of Billboard World Album Chart 3 Weeks Straight

Among thousands of issues risen in Kpop world, a good news comes here from Billboard.

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BTS, one of the representative K-pop idol groups, has won the first rank at the Billboard’s World Album Chart for three weeks straight with its album, ‘Hwayang Yeonhwa (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life), Pt.2’. According to the States’ most prestigious music chart website Billboard, BTS won the three-week champion and this makes their 4th first rank of total Billboard charts. The boy band reached at the first in last December with the same album for the first time at the Billboard World Chart. Also, the first rank this time, results the team’s status as standing in the top 10 for 7 weeks straight at the World Chart.

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Indeed, BTS has another history at Billboard chart. Another album, ahead of the mentioned, ‘Hwayang Yeonhwa Pt.1’, was ranked at the 7th of the same chart last year. BTS, as the rising K-pop star, has shown its remarkable achievement so far, and now it can be named as one of the top musician teams in Kpop. Their next movement is so expected.

BTS 1st Billboard World Album Chart 3 Weeks

BTS Official Website

BTS 1st Billboard World Album Chart 3 Weeks



Who Received The Most Votes From Entertainment CEOs: GD, IU, BTS Etc

One entertainment magazine conducted a survey about ‘The best K-Pop idol’ on entertainment companies’ CEOs.

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This Survey has important meaning because it’s pretty different from other surveys. This one questioned entertainment companies’ CEOs, so it’s more objective and influential than any others. In this Survey, questions are including ‘Who are the Power People that impact entertainment world’, ‘The best K-Pop male solo’, ‘The best K-Pop female solo’, ‘The best K-Pop boy group’ and other things. YG entertainmnet, JYP, SM, FNC, YMC, CUBE, DSP and 25 other entertainment companies participated this survey. Now, it’s time to check out who are picked up as ‘the best’!

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1. Who are the Power People that impact entertainment world?

1st – Lee SooMan (CEO of SM entertainment) 

2st- Yang HyunSeok (CEO of YG entertainment)

3rd- BTS 

4rd- Park JinYoung (Producer of JYP entertainment)

5th- G-Dragon 

BTS, Power People, JYP, SM, YG

Big Hit ent, SM ent, YG ent, JYP ent


2. The best K-Pop producer

1st – Bang SiHyeok (CEO of Big Hit entertainment) 

2st- Park JinYoung (Producer of JYP entertainment)

3rd- Lee SooMan (CEO of SM entertainment)

4rd- G-Dragon & Teddy 

Big Hit, YG, GD

Big Hit ent, Instiz


3. The best K-Pop boy groups

1st – BTS

2st- EXO


4rd- Wanna One



Big Hit ent, SM ent, YG ent, Mnet


4. The best K-Pop girl group

1st – TWICE



4rd- SNSD

5th- Red Velvet


Nate Pann


5. The best male solo

1st – G-Dragon

2st- ZICO

3rd- PSY

4rd- Crush

5th- Park HyoShin , TaeMin

gd, g-dragon, psy, zico,

YG ent, KQ ent


6. The best female solo

1st – IU

2st- TaeYeon

3rd- Ailee

4rd- SURAN

5th- HyunA, Jung EunJi

IU, TaeYeon, SNSD, SNSD TaeYeon, 2017 IU,

LOEN ent, Sm ENT


7. The best K-Pop rising star

1st – NCT

2st- Wanna One



5th- ASTRO


sm ent


8. The best lyric writer

1st – Kim Ina

2st- Seo JiEum

3rd- Yoon JongShin

4rd- IU, Kang EunKyeong

Kim Ina, Yoon JongShin, lyric writer

Dispatch, Edaily

5 Reasons Why BTS Is Different From Other K-Pop Idols

There would be no one against the fact that now is the prime time of BTS. Let’s talk about what made BTS outstanding so far.

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BTS is turning into world star as spending 6 months in a year touring abroad and the only continent they have never conquered is Africa. Now, they became not only Korean celebrities, while receiving tremendous amount of interest all around the world. As you know already, BTS won the prize at billboard music awards on May 21 as the first winner that takes place of Justin Bieber. For that fact, they got attention internationally. Then, what makes BTS so different from other groups in Korea?  K-Popmap listed 5 points of BTS.

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1. Target American market

First thing first, very different form other K-Pop idols who mainly target SE Asia or Chinese fans, BTS targeted American market directly. Because the half of members are rappers and hip-hop genre is more popular in US than any other countries.

BTS, 2017 BTS, BTS Billboard, Billboard awards,

Big Hit Ent



2. Every member is talented

All BTS members are very talented. For example, Rap Monster is good rapper, composer, and also lyricist. Also, Suga and J-Hope started to rap and produce songs since they were teenager. This means that BTS can make their songs and many other things on their own without any help from others.

BTS, 2017 BTS, Rap Monster, Sugar, J-Hope

Nate Pann


3. Great synergy effect 

Strong synergy effect BTS creates is the most important reason why they got so popular. Members who mainly rap are teaching vocalist members how to sing and vice versa. All the parts of composing and producing music are being distributed to all of members and it creates a huge synergy effect.

BTS, 2017 BTS, JungKook, Rap Monster, JiMin, J-Hope, Jin,

Big Hit Ent


4.  High quality of music

However, eventually, the final point where fans are crazy about is their music. BTS’s songs range from catchy EDM, hip-hop, trendy pop, rocking dance and various genre.  For these reasons, All of their songs are very easy to grab attentions. Additionally, their perfect choreography is the best. 

BTS, 2017 BTS, JungKook, Rap Monster, JiMin, J-Hope, Jin,

Big Hit Ent


5. Story connoted in music

Songs such as ‘SPINE BREAKER‘ and ‘DOPE‘ including social message based on real problems in Korean society get interests from not only Korean fans but also foreign fans around the world.  From foreign fans, they received lots of questions  about the reason why they write lyrics about deep social things rather than things related to love, party, and beauty  like other idol groups. Likewise, BTS always has been earnest and serious about their music.

BTS, 2017 BTS, JungKook, Rap Monster, JiMin, J-Hope, Jin,

Big Hit Ent