Art director Kim SangGyo, who is best known lately for being a victim of assault by the staff members of club Burning Sun, recently talked about how his mother was approached by gangsters and threatened to reach a settlement.

In fact, his assault incident was basically what caused the chain reaction of the latest events including an official investigation being made into BIGBANG member SeungRi and the drug busts within the Gangnam district.

On February 26th, Kim SangGyo uploaded a post on Instagram and told a story of how his mother was suffering for her son's sake.

He wrote:

"Today is my birthday.

Around the end of January, my mother told me, 'You've done so well up until now. I did not tell you this because I felt that if I did, you might give up. People who looked like gangsters came to me and told me I should hurry and reach a settlement because it was you who did wrong. But I was not going to let you become a criminal.'

My mother said this to me after seeing me get beaten while watching the news.

I had to endure and I assure everyone, I will win. That is how I will protect my family."

Burning Sun Victim Claims Mother Was Threatened By Gangsters To Reach Settlement



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