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The final member for C9BOYZ (temporary name) has been revealed!

On Apr. 3, C9 Entertainment shared the identity of the final member through C9BOYZ official social media account.

The final member may look rather familiar to some K-Pop fans! He is none other than Lee ByungGon or also known as BX!

For those who have been very active in the K-Pop community, you would definitely remember him from JTBC "Mixnine" as well as "YG Treasure Box"! Through both survival programs, he had proven his unique personality as well as his talent in producing and composing of music.

Fans were disappointed when they first found out that he was not in the final lineup for the debuting group from "YG Treasure Box". They were extremely pleased and happy to see that he will be debuting through a new agency and in a new group.

Compared to his image which he had shown his fans previously, they were rather surprised to see a change in concept. Through the photo released by C9 Entertainment, BX looks more innocent and also with a hint of mystery.

C9BOYZ Confirms Their Final Lineup With 5 Members In Total

C9 Entertainment

The finalized lineup of C9BOYZ includes Bae JinYoung, SeungHun, HyunSuk, YongHee and BX. Previously, it was reported that C9 Entertainment had decided to remove Kim SeHoon who used to be part of the lineup as it was revealed that he had previously bullied his classmates in middle school.

It is also expected that C9BOYZ will be debuting at the second half of 2019.

Are you excited for the C9BOYZ?


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Feb 6, 2020 11:40 am


May 6, 2019 05:20 am

YESS!!! finally! YG di byunggon and seunghan so dirty, happy that they finally get to debut
Also JINYOUNG!!! Miss wanna one so much 🙁

Apr 22, 2019 03:12 pm

Yeah byunggoon and seunghun..lets debut
Treasure makers here to support ur guys