Can We be the Ideal Type of Our Ideal Idols? See If You Match Their Ideals



Can We be the Ideal Type of Our Ideal Idols? See If You Match Their Ideals

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Like we all do, our idols also have their ideal person they dream to date or be in love with.

We assume that idols have high standard of choosing their boyfriends or girlfriends, since they are all around people who look stunning and beautiful.

However, some of the ideal types seemed to be too simple to satisfy.

Check whether if you can be their one!


Sulli : “I want someone who listens to me. Also I like guys who feel like a daddy.” (Choiza must have felt like a father since he was way older than her.)



Irene of Red Velvet : “I like a person who is warm. A person’s warmth is usually seen in their eyes or their actions.”



Suzy of miss A : “I like a man who is bulky and muscular. Someone who can protect me from anything.” (She is currently dating Lee MinHo. Do you think he matches her ideal?) 



IU : “I don’t like handsome faces. I want a guy to have a charm not a look.”



JungKook of BTS : “I like a woman who is intelligent and smart. Also I like girls around 160 cm and who enjoys sports.” (He specifically mentioned IU as his ideal type)


BaekHyun of EXO : “I like someone who looks good in jeans and have long hair. Also I like someone who is polite.”



HoShi of Seventeen : “I like someone who has a good fragrance. When I ask her to go out with me, I want her to hug me and kiss me back in return.”



ZICO of Block B : “I like someone who is glamourous, especially in thigh part.” (He used to date with SeolHyun of AOA. Seems like she perfectly matched his ideal.)



G-DRAGON of BIG BANG : “I like someone who is cute.” (In the past, he mentioned that his ideal type was Sulli. Guess rumors don’t come from nowhere. )



SeolHyun of AOA: “I like people with round faces. Also, a man seems more attractive when one his humorous.” (Was ZICO humorous? Guess so.)

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