Can You Guess What SeolHyun Thinks as Her Problem?

SeolHyun of AOA worried that she has too much of this and she considered it as a problem.

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Can you guess what it is?

The answer is!!!

SeolHyun, SeolHyun of AOA, AOA, SulHyun, SeolHyun Cute Moments


Having too much curiosity and questions!

We think it’s pretty cute and adorable of her to think that it is a serious problem.

However, some of the people close with her, and has gone through her tons of questions, did not think so.
So what she did to herself was to limit questions to 10 per day. (So Cute.)

The most recent proof that she was a girl with curiosity was when she was in “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”. The two hosts of the program felt exhausted after uncountable questions and finally told her to stop.

SeolHyun, SeolHyun of AOA, AOA, SulHyun, SeolHyun Cute Moments


Also, she unintentionally hurt the feelings of a host in “Knowing Brother” because she asked him whether he is really going to drop out of the program when the ratings are over 5%. (It was the host’s joke made in the early times of the program.) 

So, do you think having too much questions is a fault?

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Yura Brags Her Cute Crush, SeolHyun, to Her Fans

The post of Yura showing her crush, with a comment that the picture is too pretty is again in limelight.

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Girl’s Day, Yura was a fan of SeolHyun, AOA, and posted her picture, saying she is so pretty and she was admiring the picture in the phone on the way back home. Fans were curious of how they became friends and cheered for their friendship.

Most of the reactions of this past post were “They are so cute” or “It’s a good thing that mingle well with each other instead of considering each other as a rival.”

SeolHuyn and Yura is known to be one of the hottest idols for their looks and body

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AOA’s SeolHyun Models for Game “Daybreak for Kakao”

AOA’s SeolHyun has become a model for a game again.

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SeolHyun has been selected as the official model for a MMORPG game “Daybreak for Kakako” by Line Kong Korea. SeolHyun will not only be promoting through a TV ad but will also promote with on/offline promotions.

Line Kong Korea’s representative stated “We judged that SeolHyun, who is receiving a lot of love from the public with various activities, is the perfect model to work with “Daybreak for Kakako” and promote a fantasy world. Please anticipate for how SeolHyun’s luxurious and bright image mix with the game.”

SeolHyun’s group AOA is currently performing activities with ‘Excuse Me’.

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