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In the upcoming episode of KBS "Happy Together Season 4", Celeb Five will be sharing the reason for delaying their comeback in November 2018.

It was revealed that they had planned to release an album back in November 2018 but had decided to delay because of how TWICE was also coming back.

Everyone who was present on the spot was surprised by the reason and ended up bursting out in laughter.

Celeb Five Revealed That They Delay Their Comeback To Avoid TWICE But Clashed With Wanna One


However despite the fact that they had successfully avoided coming back on the same day as TWICE, they sadly revealed that they ended up coming back on the same day as Wanna One.

Hearing their words, those who were present could not help but start laughing again.

If you have yet to check out their latest song, 'Shutter', you can watch the music video below.

This upcoming episode will be aired on January 3rd on KBS.

Were you surprised by how straightforward Celeb Five is?


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