Celebrity #Catstagram: Idols Who Are Certifiably Cat Crazy

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If you call eating a bowl of ice cream while spending countless hours watching cat videos on YouTube a Saturday night well spent, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just like us, idols are absolutely crazy for their cats! They fill up their social media with pictures of them and buy them custom outfits. They even incorporate them into photoshoots and music videos. These cats are so cute that they’re questionably cuter than the idols who own them!

Don’t believe us? Check out these kitty cuties below and decide for yourself.

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1. HyoLyn


2. (f)x’s Amber


3. CN Blue’s MinHyuk

사랑스러워 어찌할 수가 없구나

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4. 2PM’s JunHo

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5. Sandara Park

메두사 & 메두냥 😸 굿밤~ 😴😴😴

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6. WINNER’s Mino


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7. 9Muses’ HyuNa


8. Goo HaRa



9. Super Junior’s HeeChul


10. JYJ’s JunSu

미호야 !도망가지마~~

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