Gong Myung Profile: Actor From "Be Melodramatic" To "Red Sky" Profile

Gong Myung (Kim DongHyun / 김동현)


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May 26 1994

Blood Type



183 cm


73 kg


2013 in Web Drama "After School: Lucky or Not"


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Gong Myung (Gong Myoung) is a Korean actor.

Unlike his cute appearance, he is 183cm tall and has a wide shoulder frame, which is loved by many fans.

He debuted in the web drama "After School: Lucky or Not" in 2013, and since then, he has been working hard in his acting career by appearing in many films and dramas.

His appearances include, "Forever Young" (2014), "Splendid Politics" (2014), "Beautiful You" (2015), "Drinking Solo" (2016), "The Bride of Habaek" (2017), "Feel Good To Die" (2018), "Extreme Job" (2019), "Be Melodramatic" (2019), and "Drama Festa: Recipe for Happiness" (2020).

The public started to recognize him as the movie "Extreme Job" (2019), which he appeared in, had exceeded 10 million viewings.

In the meanwhile, his younger brother is DoYoung, a member of NCT. It is known that DoYoung and Gong Myung are very close to each other and have barely fought while growing up. It is said that Gong Myung has taken care of DoYoung well since childhood, and DoYoung is also said to have followed him well.

Let's check his filmography!




2013 - After School: Lucky or Not (Major Role)

- Infinite Power (Major Role)

2014 - After School: Lucky or Not 2 (Major Role)

- Forever Young (Cameo Appearance)

- Drama Special Season 5: Bomi's Room (Cameo Appearance)

2015 - Splendid Politics (Minor Role)

- Beautiful You (Minor Role)

2016 - Mystery Freshman (Minor Role)

- Entertainer (Minor Role)

- Drinking Solo (Major Role)

2017 - The Bride of Habaek (Major Role)

- Revolutionary Love (Major Role)

- The Happy Loner (Major Role)

- Brain, Your Choice Of Romance LR (Major Role)

2018 - Feel Good To Die (Major Role)

2019 - Be Melodramatic (Major Role)

2020 - Drama Festa: Recipe for Happiness (Major Role)

2021 - Red Sky (Major Role)



2013 - If You Were Me 6 (Major Role)

2014 - A Girl at My Door (Minor Role)

- Futureless Things (Major Role)

2016 - Su Saek (Major Role)

2019 - Extreme Job (Major Role)

- Homme Fatale (Major Role)

2020 - Recipe For Happiness (Major Role)

2021 - Killing Romance (Major Role)

TBA - Hansan (Major Role)

- Citizen Deok Hee (Major Role)


Music Video:


After School - Flashback

5URPRISE - From My Heart

Toy - Three Of Us (With Sung SiKyung)

Toy - Reset (With Lee Juck)

10CM _ Winter Breath

Super Junior KyuHyun - Moving On

Super Junior KyuHyun - Coffee




Drinking Solo


The Bride of Habaek


Feel Good To Die


Be Melodramatic


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