Gong Yoo Profile: Actor Who Will Forever Carry Young Vibrant Energy Profile

Gong Yoo (Gong JiCheol / 공지철)


Here is a profile of the hottest sweetest actor Gong Yoo! Go back to his previous works and fall in love with him again!!




Jul 10 1979

Blood Type



184 cm


74 kg


School 4 in 2001


M.A in Performing Arts Art Fusion Design Grad School of KyungHee Grand School

Military Service Period

Jan 14, 2008 ~ Dec 09, 2009

※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

It is very hard to guess how old Gong Yoo is.  (Except those who already know!)

There are a couple of actors whom we just cannot guess how old they are. It's not only because of their fair skin, perfect hair and well-built body that confuses us. Most actors have great skin and all that. But what makes Gong Yoo so special that we can't get his age right? It's the vibrant young energy within him. Those energies do naturally change to a mature aura as people age. However, not for Gong Yoo. No matter how much he gets old, he always has the playful smile on him looking like a 5 years old innocent boy!

There are many things we love about him, but surely his playful yet innocent aura surely lures us most strongly! Because of the unique aura and energy he gives, he turned all his works into a masterpiece! So, shall we go back in time and go through some spectacle works of Gong Yoo!?




2003 - My Young Tutor

2004 - Spy Girl

 - Superstar Mr. Gam (Special Guest)

 - S Diary

2005 - She's On Duty

2007  - Like a Dragon (Japanese Movie)

2010 - Finding Mr. Destiny

2011 - Silenced

2013 - The Suspect

2016 - A Man and A Woman

 - Train to Busan

 - The Age of Shadows



2001 - School 4

2002 - Always Heartbeat

 - Hard Love

2003 - Twenty's

 - Best Teather: Flying Dish

 - Screen

 - My Room Your Room (sitcom)

2005 - Hello My Teacher

2006 - One Fine Day

2007 - Coffee Prince

2012 - Big

2013 - Dating Agency: Cyrano (Special Guest)

2016 - Goblin: The Lonely and Great God


Coffee Prince




Goblin: The Lonely and Great God


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