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Han YeRi (한예리)


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Dec 23 1984


162 cm


46 kg


2005 in the Movie


Korea National University of Arts


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Han YeRi is a South Korean actress and dancer.

While she was in the dance department at the Korean National University of the Arts, she entered the film industry by helping her with dance guidance, and she won the acting award for her work called "Giraffe & Africa" in 2008.

After that, Han YeRi continued her acting career while appearing in many independent films, and in 2011 she entered the commercial film industry with the movie called "As One".

After that, the actress appeared in "The Spy: Undercover Operation"(2013), "Commitment" (2013), "Sae Fog" (2014), "Age of Youth" (2016), "Age of Youth 2" (2017), "Champion" (2018), and "The Nokdu Flower(Mung Bean Flower)" (2019).

She is also appearing in the drama "My Unfamiliar Family".

Let's find out her filmography!



2005 - sagwa (Literal translation: Apple)

2006 - gyeokjeongsonata (Literal translation: Passionate Sonata)

2007 - Giraffe & Africa (Major Role)

2008 - bome pieonada(Literal translation: Bloom in Spring)

- Let the Blue River Run (Major Role)

2009 - dal segyeyeohaeng (Literal translation: Lunar World Travel)

- bada jjogeuro, han ppyeom deo (Literal translation: Towards the Sea, One More Span)

- Paju (Minor Role)

- gwihyang (Literal translation: A Return Home)

2010 - jaldoegil bara (Literal translation: I wish you all the best.)

- Be With Me (Major Role)

- Read my Lips (Minor Role)

- Ordinary Days (Major Role)

- Anyang, Paradise City (Major Role)


2011 - gucheonri maeuljanchi (Literal translation: 2196.3 mile Village Festival)

- sasipguiljjae nal (Literal translation: day 49)

- mullisueop (Literal translation: Physics Class)

- choncheolsarin  Literal translation: A Pithy Remark)

- moheom (Literal translation: Adventure)

2012 - As One (Minor Role)

2013 - South Bound (Major Role)

- The Spy: Undercover Operation (Minor Role)

- Commitment (Minor Role)

- hwansangsogui geudae (Literal translation: You in Fantasy)

2014 - KUNDO : Age of the Rampant (Cameo Appearance)

- Sae Fog (Major Role)

2015 - donghaeng  (Literal translation: Companion)

- Love and... (Minor Role)

- A Dramatic Night (Major Role)

2016 - The Hunt (Minor Role)

- Worst Woman (Major Role)

- A Quiet Dream (Major Role)

2017 - The Table (Major Role)

2018 - Champion (Major Role)

Illang: The Wolf Brigade (Minor Role)

- A Singing Goose (Cameo Appearance)

2020 - Secret Zoo (Cameo Appearance)

- Minari (Major Role)



2009 - One Step More to the Sea (Major Role)

2010 - Road Number One (Minor Role)

2013 - Drama Special Season 4: Yeonu's Summer (Major Role)

2015 - Imaginary Cat (Major Role)

- Six Flying Dragons (Minor Role)

2016 - Age of Youth (Major Role)

2017 - Age of Youth 2 (Major Role)

2018 - Switch: Change the World (Major Role)

2019 - The Nokdu Flower(Mung Bean Flower) (Major Role)

2020 - My Unfamiliar Family (Major Role)

* The title of an independent movie without an English name was translated into Korean.


Music Video:

OKDAL 's 'Sketchbook'

Kim YoonJu's 'Remained like dreams'


A Dramatic Night


Six Flying Dragons


Age of Youth


Age of Youth 2


Worst Woman


The Table


Switch: Change the World


The Nokdu Flower


My Unfamiliar Family

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