Jeon MiDo Profile: A Talented Actress From "Hospital Playlist" Series Profile

Jeon MiDo (Jeon MiDo / 전미도)


Here is the profile of Jeon MiDo.




Aug 04 1982

Blood Type



160 cm


2006 in the Musical "Mr. Mouse"


Myongji College


※ Update: Sep 6, 2021

Jeon MiDo is a South Korean actress.

After her debut in 2006 with the musical "Mr. Mouse", she began to draw attention as a talented new actress through musicals and plays.

In particular, she won the New God Award at the Korean Drama Awards for her role in the play "Agnes of God".

Afterward, she became an actress who participated in many musical and theatrical works and was recognized for her diverse acting skills in each piece.

Jeon MiDo was considered the only actor to be named "actor of the year" in both theater and musical genres the same year.

Her musicals include "Hero", "Doctor Zhivago", "Bungee Jumping Of Their Own", "Werther", and "Maybe Happy Ending".

The plays she starred in include "The Seagull", "The Cherry Orchard", "Mephisto", "BEA", and "Oslo."

Then Jeon MiDo made her first appearance on the screen in 2019 in "Hospital Playlist" for the first time.

She first starred in "Hospital Playlist" and gained high popularity and popularity thanks to the drama's success.

There is a story behind the cast of the drama "Hospital Playlist". Actor Cho JungSeok and actor Yoo YeonSeok recommended her when the "Hospital Playlist" producer was considering her casting. The two actors recommended Jeon MiDo even if they had no personal relationship with Jeon MiDo because they were very impressed by her performance.

Currently, "Hospital Playlist 2" has high ratings, and many people are talking about the drama.

Her next drama is "Thirty-Nine" with actress Son YeJin.

Let's check out her filmography.




2006 - Mr. Mouse

2007 - White Propose

- Finding Mr. Destiny

2008 - Puberty

2009 - Hero

2010 - Splendid Holiday

- The Disappearance of the Prince

2011 - Hero

2012 - Doctor Zhivago

- Bungee Jump

- Mirror Princess Pyeong Gang

2013 - Moon Embracing the Su

- Bungee Jump

- Werther

2014 - Once

2015 - Man of La Mancha

- Maybe Happy Ending

- Werther

2016 - Sweeney Todd

- Maybe Happy Ending

2017 - Maybe Happy Ending

2018 - Doctor Zhivago

- Il Tenore

2019 - When We Were Seventeen

2020 - Maybe Happy Ending



2007 - Liar 2

2008 - Agnes of God

2010 - Hoya

2011 - The Author

-  The Seagull

2012 - The Cherry Orchard

- Romeo and Juliet

2013 - 14 in Chekhov

2014 - Mephisto

- Some Girls

2016 - Hehehe Hahaha


2018 - Oslo



2018 -Mother (Cameo Appearance)

2020 - Hospital Playlist (Major Role)

2021 - Hospital Playlist 2 (Major Role)

TBA - Thirty-Nine



2019 - Metamorphosis (Minor Role)



Hospital Playlist

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