Zo In Sung Profile: Handsome Actor From "That Winter, The Wind Blows" To "It's Okay, That's Love" Profile

Zo In Sung (조인성)


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Jul 28 1981

Blood Type



186 cm


A model for clothing brand Ziozia in 1998


Dropout of Dongguk University

Military Service Period

Apr 06, 2009 ~ May 04, 2011

※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Zo In Sung (also written Jo InSung) is a top Korean actor.

He debuted as a model for clothing brand Ziozia in 1998, appeared in the drama "School 3" in 2000, and made his debut as an actor.

He appeared in the popular sitcom "Nonstop 2" (2000), in the drama "Piano" (2001), and in the drama "What Happened in Bali" (2004). After that, Zo In Sung appeared in "Spring Day" (2005), "A Dirty Carnival" (2006), and "A Frozen Flower" (2008). After shooting the movie "A Frozen Flower", he had no work for four years to find his next movie, but in 2013 he worked with Song HyeKyo in the drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows" that captured the ratings. The drama was popular in and out of Korea. After that, Zo In Sung played the character perfectly in harmony with Gong HyoJin in "It's Okay, That's Love" (2014), and he was praised for his good acting skills. The actor gained even more popularity overseas with this hit drama.

After that, he appeared in the movies "The King" (2017) and "The Great Battle" (2018). He is acting in the movie "Escape" to be released in 2020.

Let's explore his filmography.




1999 - Jump (Minor Role)

2000 - School 3 (Major Role)

- Drama City: Like an Innocent Comic (Major Role)

- Nonstop2 (Minor Role)

2001 - Piano (Major Role)

2002 - The Creat Ambition (Major Role)

- The Great Ambition (Cameo Appearance)

- Shoot For The Stars (Major Role)

2004 - What Happened in Bali (Major Role)

2005 - Spring Day (Major Role)

2013 - That Winter, The Wind Blows (Major Role)

2014 - It's  Okay, That's Love (Major Role)

2016 - Dear My Friends (Cameo Appearance)



2002 - Public Toilet (Minor Role)

2003 - Madeleine (Major Role)

- The Classic (Major Role)

- Love of South and North (Major Role)

2006 - A Dirty Carnival (Major Role)

2008 - A Frozen Flower (Major Role)

2017 - The King (Major Role)

2018 - The Great Battle (Major Role)

2020 - Escape (Major Role)


Music Video:

Shin SeungHun - Leave

Fin.K.L - Now

G.O.D - Sad Love & The Fool & Good-Bye



 School 3




Shoot For The Stars


The Classic


What Happened in Bali


A Dirty Carnival


That Winter, The Wind Blows


It's Okay, That's Love


Dear My Friends


The King

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