Jung DaBin Profile: A Well-Grown Child Actress From "Ice Cream Girl" To "Extracurricular" Profile

Jung DaBin (정다빈)


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Apr 25 2000

Blood Type



162 cm


40 kg


ISFJ (Defender)


Hanyang University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Jung DaBin is a South Korean actress.

She appeared in a commercial "Baskin Robbins" in 2003 at the age of 3, and with her pretty face and big eyes, she made a strong impression on the public with the nickname "Ice Cream Girl". Even after a long start, she is still famous as an "Ice Cream Girl" in Korea and has the nickname of an icon of a child that grew up well.

After that, she appeared in a variety of works, but played the role in the "Tree With Deep Roots", which was broadcast in 2011, and played two roles each in the 2015 drama, "She Was Pretty" and "Save The Family". After that, she showed her perfect acting ability in the drama "Flowers of the Prison" (2016), "Shall I Kiss You?" (2018), and "Extracurricular"(2020). She plays Seo MinHee, a juvenile delinquent in "Extracurricular" and completely erased her image of a cute girl and succeeded in changing her acting.

Then she will appear on "Live On" (tentative title) scheduled to air in the second half of 2020 and will be in tune with NU'EST 's MinHyun .

Let's find out her filmography!



2005 - Wonderful Life (Minor Role)

2006 - I Really Really Like You (Cameo Appearance)

2008 - I Love You (Cameo Appearance)

- Iljimae (Minor Role)

- The Kingdom of the Winds (Cameo Appearance)

- Star's Lover (Cameo Appearance)

2009 - Can Anyone Love (Minor Role)

2010 - Life is Beautiful (Minor Role)

2011 - Sign (Cameo Appearance)

- Manny (Minor Role)

- Miss Ripley (Cameo Appearance)

- Tree With Deep Roots (Minor Role)

2012 - Class Mask (Minor Role)

- The Great King's Dream (Cameo Appearance)

2013 - Ugly Alert (Cameo Appearance)

- Store Struck by Lightning (Major Role)

- Melody of Love (Minor Role)

- Prime Minister and I (Cameo Appearance)

2014 - I Need Romance 3 (Minor Role)

-  Store Struck By Lightning 2 (Major Role)

2015 - Falling for Innocence (Cameo Appearance)

- Save the Family (Minor Role)

- She Was Pretty (Minor Role)

2016 - Flowers of the Prison (Minor Role)

- What's Up With These Kids!? (Major Role)

2017 - Rebel: Thief Who Sole the People (Minor Role)

- My Sassy Girl (Minor Role)

2018 - Should We Kiss First? (Minor Role)

2020 - Extracurricular (Major Role)

- Live On (tentative title) (Major Role)

- Penthouse (Minor Role)



2004 - None of Your Cheek (Minor Role)

- Marrtying School Girl (Minor Role)

2005 - Bravo, My Life (Minor Role)

2006 - Now and Forever (Minor Role)

2008 - Lost and Found (Minor Role)

2015 - Love Never Fails (Minor Role)

2018 - Miracle (Major Role)

- Student A (Minor Role)


Music Video:

Lee Soo Young's 'Grace', 'Cold'

Stay's 'Your Name Is Love'

ChoA's 'Flame'

Golden Child's 'It'sU'


"Baskin Robbins" advertisement

Jung DaBin Profile: A Well-Grown Child Actress From "Ice Cream Girl" To "Extracurricular"


Wonderful Life


Can Anyone Love


Tree With Deep Roots


Ugly Alert


She Was Pretty


Flowers of the Prison


Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People


Should We Kiss First?



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