Jung HaeIn Profile: Noonas' Heart Stealing Actor Profile

Jung HaeIn (정해인)


Best known for her roles in  K-Drama series Save the Family and Jugglers,  Jung HaeIn is an actress who is admired not just for her obvious talent but also because of her beauty that enables her to take on androgynous roles.






Apr 01 1988

Blood Type



178 cm


64 kg


2014  in Drama "Bride of the Century"


PyeongTaek University

Official SNS


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Jung HaeIn is a popular Korean actor.

The actor debuted in 2013 and acted in a lot of dramas since then. With his appearance in "Goblin" and supporting role in "While You Were Sleeping", he gained some popularity.

It is only in 2018, with his lead role in “Something in the Rain” that the actor became famous. He earned the title of the “national’s man who is younger than me” because of his role in the drama, a man dating an older woman in a sincere and romantic relationship. Many noonas and viewers have fallen for him. In a short amount of time, he received an incredible amount of commercial offers. With the dramas, he also received many awards.

Since then, he appeared in variety shows, movies, and dramas.

The actor already finished his mandatory military service.

Here is more information about the actor.


Drama :

2014 - Bride of the Century (Minor Role)

- The Three Musketeers (Major Role)

2015 - Blood (Minor Role)

- Reply 1988  (Cameo appearance)

2016 - Yeah, That's How It Is (Minor Role)

- Guardian: The Lonely and Great God  (Cameo appearance)

- Night Light (Major Role)

2017 - While You Were Sleeping (Major Role)

- Prison Playbook (Minor Role)

2018 - Something in the Rain (Major Role)

2019 - One Spring Night (Major Role)

2020 - A Piece of Your Mind (Major Role)


Movie :

2014 - The Youth (Major Role)

2015 - Salut D'Amour (Minor Role)

2016 - The Moon of Seoul (Major Role)

2017 - The King's Case Note (Minor Role)

- The Age of Blood (Major Role)

2018 - Heung-boo: The Revolutionist (Minor Role)

2019 - Tune in for Love (Major Role)

- Start-Up (Major Role)


Salut D'Amour


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God


Prison Playbook


While You Were Sleeping


Something in the Rain


One Spring Night


Tune in for Love


A Piece of Your Mind

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Jun 20, 2020 09:57 am

I love all his work he is d sweet chocolate boy will such humble Nature

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