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Kim MinGue (김민규)


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Dec 25 1994

Blood Type



183 cm


2013 in the Mnet Drama "Monster"


Gwangmun High School

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※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Kim MinGue(Kim MinKyu) is a South Korean actor.

He made his debut as a minor character in the 2013 Mnet drama "Monster".
After that, he appeared in "Who Are You: school 2015" (2015), "Signal" (2016), and "Jang Young Shill" (2016).
Kim MinGue gained a bit more popularity after his appearance on the Mnet entertainment show "I See Your Voice" in 2017 showing his attractive looks and sweet voice, and excellent singing skills. Anyone who wants to hear his sweet voice press here!

After that, he appeared in "Because This Is My First Life" (2017), "We Are Peaceful Brothers" (2017), "Rich Family's Son" (2018), "Drunk in Good Taste" (2018), "Perfume" (2019) and "Queen: Love And War" (2019).
He made a special appearance in "Backstreet Rookie" as a childhood friend of the heroine.

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2013 - Monster (Minor Role)

2015 - Who Are You: school 2015 (Minor Role)

2016 - Jang Young Shill (Minor Role)

- Signal (Minor Role)

- Yeah, That's How It Is (Minor Role)

- Virtual Excitement (Major Role)

- The Sound of Your Heart (Cameo Appearance)

- Oh My Geum Bi (Minor Role)

2017 - Take Care Of The Goddess (Major Role)

- Because This Is My First Life (Minor Role)

- We Are Peaceful Brothers (Major Role)

- Romance Special Law (Major Role)

- Meloholic (Minor Role)

2018 - Rich Family's Son (Minor Role)

- Let's Eat 3 (Minor Role)

- Drunk in Good Taste (Major Role)

2019 - Perfume (Major Role)

- Queen: Love And War (Major Role)

2020 - Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant (Cameo Appearance)

- Backstreet Rookie (Cameo Appearance)

-  So I Married an Anti-Fan (Minor Role)



2013 - The Five (Minor Role)

2016 - Chasing (Minor Role)

2018 - The Whispering (Major Role)

2019 - The Battle of Jangsari (Minor Role)


Music Video:

Lee YaeJoon - Promise(With Shin YongJae)

Younha - Run

Lim JeongHee - Crazy


I Can See Your Voice


Because This Is My First Life


We Are Peaceful Brothers


Drunk in Good Taste


Queen: Love And War

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