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Kim SaeRon (김새론)


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Jul 31 2000

Blood Type



167 cm


48 kg


2009 Movie "A Brand New Life"


INFJ (Advocate)


Chung-Ang University Department of Acting and Film


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Kim SaeRon is a young Korean actress with a lot of potential.

She started her bright career as a child actor. She has caught the attention of the public in and out of Korea with her outstanding acting at a young age. She was awarded several time since she was a child.

At the age of 9, she debuted in the movie "A Brand New Life" and she revealed her potential at acting. In 2010, she became a rising star of the Korean film industry with the movie "The Man from Nowhere". In 2014, she acted with INFINITE's WooHyun and SungYeol in the teen romance drama "Hi! School: Love On" as the lead. In 2016, she also was the lead actress with Yoon ShiYoon in the romance fantasy historical drama "Secret Healer".

In 2019, she continued to take on adult roles in the Playlist campus romance web drama "Love Playlist 4". She also acted in the drama "Leverage" where she performed the action scenes by herself by taking special classes.

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2009 - A Brand New Life (Major Role)

2010 - The Man From Nowhere (Major Role)

2011 - I Am a Dad (Minor Role)

2012 - Barbie (Major Role)

- The Neighbor (Major Role)

2013 - Visiting Class (Major Role)

2014 - MANSHIN: Ten Thousand Spirits (Major Role)

- A Girl at My Door (Major Role)

- Manhole (Major Role)

2016 - The Great Actor (Minor Role)

2017 - Snowy Road (Major Role)

2018 - Ordinary People (Major Role)

2019 - The Twins (Major Role)



2011 - Can You Hear My Heart (Minor Role)

- Heaven's Garden (Minor Role)

2012 - Fashion King (Minor Role)

- I Need Romance 2 (Minor Role)

- What is Mam (Minor Role)

- Missing You (Minor Role)

2013 - The Queen's Classroom (Major Role)

2014 - Hi! School - Love On (Major Role)

- To Be Continued (Major Role)

- Glamorous Temptation (Minor Role)

2016 -Mirror of the Witch (Major Role)

2018 - Broject (Minor Role)

2019 - Love Playlist:Season 4 (Major Role)

- Leverage (Major Role)

2020 - Nobody Knows (Minor Role)


Music Video:

5URPRISE - From My Heart

Block B - Jackpot

SHINee - Green Rain


A Brand New Life


The Man from Nowhere


The Neighbor


What is Mam


A Girl at My Door


Hi! School - Love On 2




Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits


Snowy Road


Mirror of the Witch




Love Playlist Season 4



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