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Kim SoEun (김소은)


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Sep 06 1989

Blood Type



160 cm


2005 in the Drama "Sisters of the Sea"


Chungang University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Kim SoEun is a Korean actress.

She made her debut in 2005 in the MBC drama "Sisters of the Sea". She has since appeared in the film "Fly, Daddy, Fly", attracting attention.

Since then, she has developed her acting skills while going back and forth between many movies and dramas.
She acted in "Boys Over Flowers" (2009), "A Good Day for the Wind to Blow" (2010), "Happy Ending" (2012), "Horse Doctor" (2012), "Liar Game" (2014), "The Scholar Who Walks the Night" (2015), "Our Gap Soon" (2016) and "That Man Oh Soo" (2018).
And she will appear in "Lonely enough To Love", which is scheduled to air in 2020, and will join actor Ji HyunWoo.

Let's check out her filmography.




2005 - Sisters of the Sea (Minor Role)

- Sad Love Story (Minor Role)

2006 - First Love (Minor Role)

2009 - The Iron Empress (Minor Role)

- Boys Over Flowers (Minor Role)

- The Man Who Can's Get Married (Minor Role)

2010 - A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (Major Role)

2011 - A Thousand Kisses (Major Role)

2012 - Secret Angel (Major Role)

- Happy Ending (Major Role)

- Horse Doctor (Minor Role)

2013 - After School: Lucky or Not (Major Role)

2014 - Liar Game (Major Role)

2015 - The Scholar Who Walks the Night (Major Role)

- Falling For Do Jeon (Major Role)

2016 - Thumping Spike 2 (Major Role)

- Our Gap Soon (Major Role)

2017 - Drama Special Season 8: You Are Closer Than I Think (Major Role)

2018 - That Man Oh Soo (Major Role)

2020 - Lonely Enough To Love (Major Role)



2006 - Fly, Daddy, Fly (Minor Role)

2007 - The Show Must Go On (Minor Role)

- Someone Behind You (Minor Role)

2014 - The Girl's Ghost Story (Major Role)

- Entangled (Major Role)

2020 - Are We In Love? (Major Role)

- Flying Lantern (Major Role)


Music Drama:

Yoon Gun - Let's Break Up Sad Love Story

Monday Kiz - Bye Bye Bye

8eight - Goodbye My Love

Acoustic Collabo - Can you feel my heart?

The Position - Spring Expectation


Boys Over Flowers


The Man Who Can's Get Married


A Thousand Kisses


Horse Doctor


Liar Game


The Scholar Who Walks the Night


Our Gap Soon


That Man Oh Soo

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