Kim SungCheol Profile: Attractive Actor From "Prison Playbook" To "Vincenzo" Profile

Kim Sung Cheol (김성철)


Find out the profile of Korean actor Kim SungCheol.




Dec 31 1991

Blood Type



178 cm


2014 in Musical "Adolescence"


ENFP (Campaigner)


Korea National University of Arts


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Kim SungCheol is a Korean actor.

The actor began acting in the musical "Puberty" in 2014 and is strengthening his position by acting in various areas.

Until 2017 after his debut, KimSungChul had constantly acted in various musicals and afterwards he has been building his filmography on movies and dramas.

In 2017, the actor made an appearance in "Prison Playbook". In this drama, he acted as a strong supporter who helps the lead actor and gained a lot of compliments and popularity by showing a clear pronunciation and deep emotional acting.

After that, the actor’s appearance includes "To. Jenny" (2018), "Kim Ji Young: Born 1982" (2019), "Arthdal Chronicles Part 2 & 3" (2019), "Sweet Home" (2020), "Do You Like Brahms?" (2020), "Vincenzo" (2021). Kim SungCheol shortly appeared in "Sweet Home" and "Vincenzo" as a cameo and gained a lot of praise by having a strong impression.

The actor graduated from Korea National University of Arts in 2010 which is known as the legendary year of graduation. There are many popular stars including Kim GoEun, Park SoDam, Lee YooYoung, Lee SangYi, and Ahn EunJin who graduated this year. Compared to other graduation years, the ratio of stars acting is high after their graduation. These stars have appeared in many popular dramas with excellent acting skills. Still, these members of the same graduation year comment on each other’s Instagram and show their close and solid relationship.

Let’s take a look at his filmography below!




- Adolescence

- My Bucket List

- Hello! UFO

- Sontag Hotel

- PoongWallJu

- Werther

- Sweeney Todd

- 해담아, 반딧불이 보러와

- Fan Letter

- Mr. Mouse

- Vampire Arthur

- Big Fish



- Romeo and Juliet



2014 - Winter Picnic (Major Role)

2016 - The Silence of The Dogs (Major Role)

2018 - Too Hot to Die (Major Role)

2019 - The Battle of Jangsari (Major Role)

- Kim Ji Young: Born 1982 (Minor Role)

2020 - Search Out (Major Role)



2017 - Prison Playbook (Minor Role)

2018 - To.Jenny (Major Role)

- Player (Cameo Appearance)

2019 - The Wind Blows (Major Role)

- Arthdal Chronicles Part2: The Sky turning Inside Out, Rising Land (Minor Role)

- Arthdal Chronicles Part3: The Prelude To All Legends (Minor Role)

2020 - Hospital Playlist (Cameo Appearance)

- Do You Like Brahms? (Major Role)

- Sweet Home (Cameo Appearance)

- Drama Special Season 11: One Night  (Major Role)

2021 - Vincenzo (Cameo Appearance)

TBA - Us That Year (Major Role)


Music Video:

ROCOBERRY - Everything about you

DAYBREAK - Doesn't make sense (Feat. Heize)


The Silence of The Dogs


Prison Playbook


To. Jenny




Arthdal Chronicles


Do You Like Brahms?


Sweet Home




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