Kwak DongYeon Profile: A Talented Actor From "Love In The Moonlight" To "Vincenzo" Profile

Kwak DongYeon (곽동연)


Find out the profile of Korean actor Kwak DongYeon.




Mar 19 1997

Blood Type



176 cm


62 kg


2012 in "My Husband Got a Family"


School of Performing Arts Seoul, Department of Practical Music


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Kwak DongYeon is a Korean actor.

He was originally a singer trainee who was preparing the band. He first came to Seoul at the age of 14 to live as a singer trainee and has been living alone in Seoul since the age of 16. In the meantime, he made his debut in 2012 by appearing in "My Husband Got a Family".

After appearing in the drama "Jang OkJeong, Lives In Love" he began to worry seriously about acting, and as a result, gave up his singer's path and entered the path of a full-fledged actor.

Since then, he has been building solid filmography in various genres such as dramas, movies, and musicals.

He appeared in several works, showed a variety of different acting, and was imprinted on the viewers as a good acting actor.

In addition, he uses a diary for each filming of each work and strives to find out what he lacks and what he has to learn for better performance.

He starred in dramas such as "Modern Farmer" (2014), "Love in the Moonlight" (2016), "Reunited Worlds" (2017), "Radio Romance" (2018), "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty", "My Strange Hero" (2018), "Never Twice" (2019), and "Vincenzo" (2021).

He showed a special bromance in the drama he appeared in.
Actor Park BoGum in "Love in the Moonlight", Yoo SeungHo in "My Strange Hero", and Song JoongKi in "Vincenzo"! He showed fantastic chemistry by working with top actors.

An actor who is expected in the future!

Check out Kwak DongYeon Filmography.




2016 - Misbehavior (Minor Role)

2017 - Man of Will (Minor Role)

2018 - Heung-boo: The Revolutionist (Minor Role)

2020 - Baseball Girl (Minor Role)

TBA - 6/45 (Minor Role)



2012 - My Husband Got a Family (Minor Role)

2013 - Drama Special Series Season 3: Adolescence Medley (Major Role)

- Jang OK Jung (Minor Role)

2014 - Inspiring Generation (Minor Role)

- Drama Special Season 5: Middle School Student A (Major Role)

- Modern Farmer (Major Role)

2015 - The Flatterer (Major Role)

- Splendid Politics (Minor Role)

- Drama Special Season 6: Avici (Major Role)

2016 - Puck! (Major Role)

- Please Come Back, Mister (Minor Role)

- Pied Piper (Minor Role)

- The Master of Revenge (Minor Role)

- Love in the Moonlight (Major Role)

2017 - Fight For My Way

- Reunited Worlds (Minor Role)

- Drama Special Season 8: Slow (Major Role)

2018 - Radio Romance (Minor Role)

- My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Major Role)

- My Strange Hero (Major Role)

2019 - Doctor Detective (Cameo appearance)

- Never Twice (Major Role)

2020 - It's Okay to Not Be Okay (Cameo appearance)

2021 - Vincenzo (Minor Role)

- Drama Stage Season 4: Attention Hog (Major Role)


Music Video:

Yoo JunSang - 'Se Song'

Bulldog Mansion - 'Stargirl 2013'

Kwak DongYeon - 'Be Forgotten'

AOA - 'Excuse Me'

N.Flying - 'Spring Memories'


Modern Farmer


The Flatterer


Love in the Moonlight


Radio Romance


My ID is Gangnam Beauty


My Strange Hero


Doctor Detective


Never Twice


It's Okay to Not Be Okay




Drama Stage Season 4: Attention Hog

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