Lee HakJu (Lee HakJoo) Profile: Actor From "The World Of The Married" To "Sweet Munchies" Profile

Lee HakJoo (이학주)


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Jan 09 1989

Blood Type



174 cm


2012 in the short film "Sweet Sorrow"


Hanyang University department of film and theater


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Lee HakJu is a Korean actor.

He made his debut in 2012 with the short film "Sweet Sorrow".
After that, he has made his face known to the public by starring as Shin SoonAe's immature brother Shin KyungMo in "Oh My Ghostess".
Since then, he has appeared in the film "Insane" (2015), and dramas "Memories of the Alhambra"(2018), and "Be Melodramatic" (2019).
The actor played the villain Park InKyu in the hit drama "The World of the Married" (2020) and showed his impressive acting skills. He received a lot of attention and acclaim for playing the role so well.
Right now, he plays the lead role of Kang TaeWan in "Sweet Munchies".

Lee HaKju has a wide range of acting. Looking at the roles he has played since now, he has played well from good to evil to stupid to smart roles.

Next, let's check out his filmography.



2011 - Sweet Sorrow (Major Role)

2013 - I Know You (Major Role)

- 12th Assistant Deacon (Major Role)

2014 - The Girl (Major Role)

- Teach Me (Major Role)

2015 - A Crevice of Violence (Major Role)

- The Shameless (Minor Role)

-  Shame Diary (Major Role)

- Insane (Minor Role)

2016 - Woo-ju in the others (Major Role)

- Tong: Memories (Major Role)

2017 - Snowy Road (Minor Role)

- Autumn Sonata (Major Role)

- Jane (Minor Role)

- The Sauna (Major Role)

- Where Nobody Can Go (Major Role)

- Frame in Love (Major Role)

2018 - Golden Slumber (Minor Role)

- Marionette (Minor Role)

- The Negotiation (Minor Role)

- Remains (Minor Role)

2019 - Hit-and-Run Squad (Minor Role)

- Welcome To The Guesthouse (Minor Role)

- Watching (Major Role)

2020 - Sinkhole (Minor Role)



2015 - Snowy Road (Minor Role)

- Oh My Ghostess (Minor Role)

- My Love Eun Dong (Minor Role)

- Drama Special Season 6: Fake Family (Major Role)

2016 - 38 Task Force (Minor Role)

- Drama Special Season 7: Disqualified Laughter (Major Role)

2017 - Super Family (Minor Role)

2018 - Mr. Sunshine (Minor Role)

- Drama Special Season 9: Dreamers (Major Role)

- Memories of the Alhambra (Minor Role)

2019 - Justice (Minor Role)

- Be Melodramatic (Minor Role)

2020 - The World of the Married (Minor Role)

- Sweet Munchies (Major Role)

- Private Life (Minor Role)


38 Task Force


Drama Special Season 9: Dreamers


Memories of the Alhambra




Be Melodramatic


The World of the Married


Sweet Munchies

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