Lee JeHoon Profile: An Actor of 30s Pulling Off the Role of Age 10s and 20s Profile

Lee JeHoon (이제훈)


Check out the profile of actor Lee JeHoon! He has made quite a reputation within few years.




Jul 04 1984

Blood Type



177 cm


65 kg


They Live by Night (Movie) - 2007


ENTP (Debater)


K'Arts Drama School

Military Service Period

Oct 25, 2012 ~ Jul 24, 2014

※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Lee JeHoon(Lee JaeHoon) is considered to be one of the "idealistic boyfriend" to various fans.

Although he is handsome, he has his own comforting aura that makes fans feel so close to him, not distant as any other actors. Also, his personality is known to be kind and modest, and he never lets anyone who is in need of held pass him by. The kind acts he has shown outside camera made fans even admire him more and the more fans admire, the shyer he gets, which is extremely cute.

Though he always has the kind loving eyes when he is living his ordinary days, he is so capable of acting various roles. Though his eyes are what we call "puppy eyes", they can change anytime to a sharp, cold eyes. Fans of Lee JaeHoon fall in love with him for his looks and personality, but their love gets deeper as they see him acting.

He is one of the actors who started late. However, he was able to build quite a reputation.  Wanna check them out?




2007 - They Live by Night

2008 - A Good Day to Smoke (Short Film)

 - A Men (Short Film)

 - Graceful Vacation  (Short Film)

2009 - Use of Language (Short Film)

 - Winter is Coming (Short Film)

 - The Pit and The Pendulum

 - Just Friends?

 - Ghost

2010 - Influence

 - The Dog that Walked into My Flash (Short Film)

 - Miscommunication (Short Film)

 - The Servant (Minor Role)

 - Finding Mr. Destiny (Minor Role)

 2011 - Bleak Night (Major Role)

 - The Front Line (Major Role)

2012 -  Architecture 101

 - Ghost Sweepers / Fortune Tellers (Major Role)

 - Guardians Dubbing

2013 - An Ethics Lesson Man (Major Role)

  - My Paparotti (Major Role)

2016 -  Phantom Detective (Major Role)

2017 -  Anarchist from Colony (Major Role)

 - I Can Speak (Major Role)



2010 - Three Sisters (Minor Role)

2012 - Fashion King (Major Role)

2014 - Secret Door (Major Role)

2016 - Signal (Major Role)

2017 - Tomorrow with You (Major Role)

2018 - Where Stars Land (Major Role)



2006 - Life is Beautiful

2007 - Audition


Music Video:

'Home' - Brown Eyed Soul

'I Had a Bad Day' - Old Fish


Where Stars Land


Tomorrow with You




Architecture 101


Bleak Night

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