Lee KwangSoo Profile: Asia Prince From "It's Okay, That's Love" To "Live" Profile

Lee KwangSoo (이광수)


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Jul 14 1985

Blood Type



190 cm


78 kg


2008 in KT 'SHOW' CF


DongAh Institute of Media and Art


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Lee KwangSoo is an actor and model with a tall and unique look.

He made his debut in 2007, but began gaining popularity after appearing in the drama "High Kick Through the Roof!". After that, he appeared in "City Hunter"(2011), "It’s OK, It’s Love" (2014), "Entourage" (2016), "Live" (2018), "Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks" (2019) and "Sinkhole" (2020), etc., and has steadily accumulated his career.

Lee KwangSoo is also very active in other entertainment programs. Have you ever heard of the popular TV show "Running Man"? That's right, he's very popular with the nicknames: giraffe, traitors, All thumbs, yamseni(selfish person) and many others. Lee KwangSoo is very popular overseas.

Also, his friendship is amazing. Female entertainers close to him include Park BoYoung, Shin SeKyung, Han HyoJoo, Park MinYoung, and Lee SungKyung, while male entertainers include Song JoongKi, Jo InSung, Kim WooBin, Park BoGum, Yoo YeonSeok, and Nam JooHyuk. According to an actor who is close to him, his character is actually silent and gentlemanly, unlike his image of being talkative and playful in show business.

Let's take a look at his filmography!




2008 - Here He Comes (Minor Role)

2009 - High Kick Through the Roof! (Minor Role)

2010 - Dong Yi (Minor Role)

2011 - City Hunter (Minor Role)

- Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Minor Role)

2012 - The Innocent Mam (Minor Role)

2013 - Dating Agency Cyrano (Minor Role)

- Goddess of Fire (Minor Role)

- Potato Star 2013QR3 (Cameo Appearance)

2014 - Secret Love (Major Role)

- It's Okay, That's Love (Major Role)

2015 - The Girl Who Sees Scents (Cameo Appearance)

2016 - Descendants of the Sun (Cameo Appearance)

- Dear My Friends (Cameo Appearance)

- Entourage (Major Role)

- The Sound of Your Heart (Major Role)

- Hwarang (Cameo Appearance)

- Puck! (Major Role)

2017 - Hit the Top (Cameo Appearance)

2018 - Live (Major Role)



2011 - Battlefield Heroes (Minor Role)

2012 - Love On-Air (Minor Role)

- The Scent (Major Role)

- All About My Wife (Minor Role)

2013 - My Little Hero (Major Role)

2014 - Confession (Major Role)

- A Dynamite Family (Major Role)

2015 - Collective Invention (Major Role)

2018 - The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (Major Role)

2019 - Inseparable Bros (Major Role)

- Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks (Major Role)

2020 - Gwanghwamum Jealousy Fight (Major Role)

- Sinkhole (Major Role)

2021 - The Pirates: Goblin Flag (Major Role)


Music Video:

LeeSsang - 隔山打牛

Skull & HaHa - Busan Vacance

Star - You are the best

Turbo - Again (Feat. Yoo JaeSeok)



High Kick Through the Roof!


The Innocent Man


It's Okay, That's Love




Collective Invention


Dear My Friends


The Sound of Your Heart




The Accidental Detective 2: In Action


Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks


Interesting Fact

Recently, on a Korean online community, there was a popular post talking about Chinese trainee Weng Yuqing who is looking similar to Lee KwangSoo.

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