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Nam DaReum (남다름)


Found out the profile of Korean actor Nam DaReum!




Jun 13 2002

Blood Type



2009 in Drama "Boys Over Flowers"


Enrolled in Yulcheon High School


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Nam DaReum is a Korean actor who acted in countless dramas as a child actor or as a supporting role.

He made his debut by appearing in the hit drama "Boys over Flowers" in 2009. He is accumulating acting experience by appearing in at least three projects a year.

Nam DaReum has a surprising long filmography.

Thanks to his handsome appearance and excellent acting ability, he played the child role of the male protagonist in most of his works.

In particular, Nam DaReum showed perfect acting in the drama "Six Flying Dragons, which aired in 2015, and took his first lead role in "Beautiful World" in 2019.

His appearances include "Boys Over Flowers" (2009), "A Man Called God" (2010), "Gyebaek" (2011), "The Chaser" (2012), "Ugly Alert" (2013), "Pinocchio" (2014), "Six Flying Dragons" (2015), "Memory" (2016), "The King in Love" (2017), "While You Were Sleeping" (2017), "Come and Hug Me" (2018), "Where Stars Land" (2018), "Beautiful World" (2019), and "Start-Up" (2020).

K-Dramas viewers will be used to his face and might think: "I know him" or "I saw him". But then some might not exactly remember where they saw him or his name. That is why Nam DaReum is an "actor that everyone knows but does not know".

His potential is more than huge. The boy will rise to be a popular actor with his skills.

Let's check out his filmography!



2013 - No Breathing (Minor Role)

2014 - Kundo: Age of the Rampant (Minor Role)

2015 - Chronicle Of A Blood Merchant (Minor Role)

2016 - Going My Home (Major Role)

2020 - The 8th Night (Major Role)

- Sinkhole (Minor Role)



2009 - Boys Over Flowers (Cameo appearance)

- The Partner (Cameo appearance)

- Soul (Minor Role)

- Hero (Cameo appearance)

2010 - Dong Yi (Cameo appearance)

- A Man Called God (Cameo appearance)

- Home Sweet Home (Minor Role)

2011 - Gyebaek (Cameo appearance)

-  Living in Style (Minor Role)

- Come, Come, Absolutely Come (Minor Role)

- Go! Mr. Go! (Minor Role)

2012 - Love Again (Minor Role)

- The Chaser (Minor Role)

- The King's Doctor (Cameo appearance)

2013 - Ugly Alert (Cameo appearance)

- The Suspicious Housekeeper (Minor Role)

2014 - Three Days (Minor Role)

- Big Man (Minor Role)

- Pinocchio (Minor Role)

2015 - Heart to Heart (Cameo appearance)

- Splendid Politics (Cameo appearance)

- Six Flying Dragons (Cameo appearance)

2016 - Memory (Minor Role)

-Mirror of the Witch (Cameo appearance)

- Entourage (Cameo appearance)

- Goblin (Cameo appearance)

2017 - Bad Thief, Good Thief (Cameo appearance)

- The King in Love (Minor Role)

- While You Were Sleeping (Major Role)

- Rain or Shine (Cameo appearance)

2018 - Radio Romance (Minor Role)

- Come and Hug Me (Major Role)

- Where Stars Land (Minor Role)

- About Time (Minor Role)

2019 - Drama Stage Season 2: Goodbye My Life (Major Role)

- Beautiful World (Major Role)

- Hotel Del Luna (Cameo appearance)

- When the Devil Calls Your Name (Cameo appearance)

2020 - A Piece of Your Mind (Cameo appearance)

- Start-Up (Major Role)

- Private Lives


Music Video: 

Rizi - I cry

CNBLUE - You're So Fine

CNBLUE - Glory Days


Boys Over Flowers




Six Flying Dragons




The King in Love


While You Were Sleeping


Rain or Shine


Radio Romance


Come and Hug Me


Beautiful World


Hotel Del Luna



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