Park EunBin Profile: Actress From "Hot Stove League" To "Do You Like Brahms?" Profile

Park EunBin (박은빈)


Here is a long long profile of Park EunBin who has been acting since 1998!




Sep 04 1992

Blood Type



161 cm


43 kg


1998 in the SBS Drama "White Nights 3.98"


BSC Psychology and Journalism in SeoKang University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Park EunBin is a Korean actress.

The actress debuted as a child actress back in 1998.

In 2009, she won the MBC Drama Best Young Actress Award for "The Iron Princess". She acted in various dramas and movies before getting her first lead role in the drama "Operation Proposal" with Yoo SeungHo in 2012.

After that, she appeared in "Hur Jun, the Original Story"(2013), "Secret Door"(2014), "Age of Youth"(2016), "Age of Youth 2"(2017), "Judge vs. Judge"(2017), "The Ghost Detective"(2018), "Hot Stove League"(2019), and "Do You Like Brahms?"(2020).

Here is her profile.



1998 - White Nights 3.98 (Minor Role)

1999 - MBC Best Theater - E346:moraewie jibeuljisda (Literal translation: Build a House on the Sand) (Minor Role)

- E353:bugeodaegari (Literal translation: A Drumhead) (Minor Role)

- E363:ageowa ageosae (Literal translation: Crocodile and Crocodile Bird) (Minor Role)

- E383: yessarang (Literal translation: Old Love) (Minor Role)

- I Only Know Love (Minor Role)

2000 - Daughter of the Theif (Minor Role)

- Soonpoong Clinic  (Cameo appearance)

- MBC Best Theater - E388: songiya nolja (Literal translation: Let's play, Songya) (Minor Role)

- E426: hwanggeumnoeul (Literal translation: Golden Sunset) (Minor Role)

2001 - Empress Myeongseong (Minor Role)

- Sangdo (Minor Role)

- Guardian Angel (Cameo appearance)

- Theatre of Our Stories "Yoo-na's Sketchbook Diary" (Minor Role)

2002 - Me and My Transformed Dad (Minor Role)

- Kitchen Maid (Minor Role)

- My Love Patzzi (Minor Role)

- Hard Love (Minor Role)

- Glass Slippers (Minor Role)

2003 - Age of Warriors (Minor Role)s

- Country Princess (Minor Role)

- The King's Woman (Minor Role)

- Autumn Friends (Minor Role)

- Nursery Story (Minor Role)

2004 - Stained Glass (Minor Role)

2005 - Encounter (Minor Role)

- Next (Cameo appearance)

-  Resurrection (Cameo appearance)

- Hong Kong Express (Minor Role)

- Dreams of an Exciting New School Term (Minor Role)

2006 - Seoul 1945 (Cameo appearance)

2007 - My Beloved Sister (Minor Role)

- Catching up with Gangnam Mams (Minor Role)

- The Legend (Minor Role)

- Lobbyist (Cameo appearance)

2009 - The Iron Empress (Minor Role)

- Queen Seon Deok (Minor Role)

2011 - Dream High (Cameo appearance)

- Gye Baek (Minor Role)

2012 - Oparation Proposal (Major Role)

2013 - Hur Jun, the Original Story (Major Role)

2014 - Secret Door (Minor Role)

2016 - Choco Bank (Major Role)

- Entertainer (Cameo appearance)

- Age of Youth S1 (Major Role)

- Father, I'll Take Care of You (Major Role)

2017 - Judge vs. Judge (Major Role)

- Age of Youth S2 (Major Role)

2018 - The Ghost Detective (Major Role)

2019 - Hot Stove League (Major Role)

2020 - Do You Like Brahms? (Major Role)



2000 - A Girl's Player (Minor Role)

2002 - Memories (Minor Role)

- The Romantic President (Minor Role)

2004 - 1,3,6 - Has the Shower Ended? (Major Role)

- How to Keep My Love (Minor Role)

2010 - Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (Major Role)

2013 - Secretly, Greatly (Cameo appearance)


Music Video

Baby V.O.X's Doll

N.Gel's Angel's Prayer

Lee KiChan's Cold

Jung YoonDon's Sad Day

S'Jin's Thank You for Loving Me

Yoon Gun's I Still Don't Know

Kim JinPyo - Romantic Winter

TaeYang of BIG BANG - I'll Be There

TaeYeon & The One's Like a Star

BoM's Without You

 Acoustic Collabo - You & I, Amused



Soonpoong Clinic


Empress Myeongseong


Glass Slippers


Catching up with Gangnam Mams


The Legend


Queen Seon Deok


Oparation Proposal


Secretly, Greatly


Secret Door


Age of Youth S1


Choco Bank


Father, I’ll Take Care of You


Age of Youth S2


Judge vs. Judge


The Ghost Detective


Hot Stove League


Do You Like Brahms?


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Dec 12, 2020 04:25 pm

Her role in Age of Youth is most iconic for me. She has bright personality and i love her hairstyle (sadly i dont like her hair in season 2). I remember some source said actually her hairstyle in Age of Youth 1 refer to old western movie but i forgot the title.

Really wish there is season 3 so bad:(

Apr 7, 2020 01:38 am

I really love her WAHHHHH my baby can't wait for your new drama 'do you like Brahms?' yiehhhh

Apr 6, 2020 04:23 am

IMO, Eun-bin's bob hair with bangs is the best...

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