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Park KiWoong (박기웅)


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Feb 13 1985

Blood Type



181 cm


2005 in the Movie "The Ghost Story"


Dongguk University


※ Update: Sep 1, 2021

Park KiWoong is a Korean actor.

He made his debut in 2005 with the movie "The Ghost Story". However, the public started to know about him through his commercial for a cellphone in 2006 where he dances the "mill dance".

In 2009, he was recognized for his great acting in Korea with the drama "The Slingshot" where he acts as an autistic genius.

Park KiWoong gained huge popularity overseas with his role in the popular drama "The Bridal Mask" along with Joo Won. He was awarded Best Supporting Actor at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards for this drama. Following "The Bridal Mask", he was cast in season 2 of the worldwide hit drama "Full House".

The actor then left for his mandatory military service and his first drama at his discharge was "Monster" (2016). In 2018, he received the Best Character Award for "Return" at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards.

In 2019, he acted in the historical drama "Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung" along Shin SeKyung and ASTRO 's Cha EunWoo . In 2020, the actor is starring in the drama "Kkondae Intern".

The actor has solid acting. Most of the time, he has second male lead roles in K-Dramas. He is also active in movies with numerous films and released some songs.

Here is his filmography.




2005 - The Ghost Story (Major Role)

2006 - Art of Fighting (Minor Role)

- No Regret (Minor Role)

2007 - Someone Behind You (Major Role)

- My Tutor Friend 2 (Major Role)

2011 - War of the Arrows (Minor Role)

2012 - Neverending Story (Minor Role)

2013 - Secretly Greatly (Major Role)

2014 - MAD SAD BAD (Major Role)

2015 - Made in China (Major Role)

2018 - Cheese in the Trap (Minor Role)



2005 - Chosun Police (Major Role)

2007 - Encore TV Literature "Castella" (Major Role)

2008 - Drama City: Love Hunt 30 Minus 3 (Major Role)

- Seoul Warrior Story (Major Role)

- When It's At Night (Minor Role)

- Love Marriage (Major Role)

2009 - Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (Minor Role)

- A Man's Story (Minor Role)

2010 -  Drama Special Season 1: The Scary One, The Ghost and I (Major Role)

- Chuno (Minor Role)

- Golden Fish (Minor Role)

2011 - The Musical (Major Role)

- Me Too, Flower! (Cameo Appearance)

- Pianissimo

2012 - Full House Take 2

- The Bridal Mask (Major Role)

2013 - Drama Festival 2013: Swine Escape (Major Role)

- Good Doctor (Cameo Appearance)

2016 - Monster (Major Role)

2018 - Return (Major Role)

2019 - Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (Major Role)

2020 - Kkondae Intern (Major Role)


Music Video:

K2's "Give Love"

Defconn's "City Life"

Joo's "Because of a Man"

YOUNHA's "The Real Reason Why We Broke Up"


Art of Fighting


A Man's Story


The Musical


The Bridal Mask






Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung


Kkondae Intern 

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