Shin MinA Profile: Lovely Actress From "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho" To "Chief Of Staff" Profile

Shin MinA (Yang MinA / 양민아)


Find out the profile of Korean actress Shin MinA.




Apr 05 1984

Blood Type



169 cm


1998 in KiKi Magazine


Dongguk University


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Shin MinA is a Korean actress.

She made her debut in 1998 at an exclusive model selection competition for fashion magazines.

After this, she took paper advertisements and also shot many TV advertisements. She also appeared in several music videos. And she appeared in her "Beautiful Days" in 2001 and started her first acting.

Since then, in the works she has appeared in "Volcano High School" (2001), "A Bittersweet Life" (2005), "Go Go 70s" (2008), "My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho" (2010), "Arang and the Magistrate" (2012), "My Love, My Bride" (2014), "Oh My Venus" (2015), "Tomorrow With You" (2017), "Chief of Staff" series (2019), "Diva" (2020), "Vacation" (2021), etc.

In 2015, Shin MinA acknowledged her love for Kim WooBin. Kim WooBin recently transferred to Shin MinA's company.

Let's take a look at her filmography!




2001 - Beautiful Days (Minor Role)

2003 - Punch (Major Role)

2005 - A Love To Kill (Major Role)

2007 - Lucifer (Major Role)

2010 - My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (Major Role)

2012 - Arang and the Magistrate (Major Role)

2015 - Oh My Venus (Major Role)

2017 - Tomorrow With You (Major Role)

2019 - Chief of staff (Major Role)

- Chief of staff 2 (Major Role)

TBA - Here (Major Role)



2001 - Volcano High School (Major Role)

2003 - Madeleine (Major Role)

2005 - A Bittersweet Life (Major Role)

- Sad Movie (Major Role)

- The Beast and the Beauty (Major Role)

2008 - Go Go 70s (Major Role)

-  My Mighty Princess (Major Role)

- Sisters on the Road (Major Role)

2009 - The Naked Kitchen (Major Role)

- A Million (Major Role)

2013 - The X (Major Role)

2014 - Gyeongju (Major Role)

- My Love, My Bride (Major Role)

2016 - A Quiet Dream (Cameo Appearance)

2020 - Diva (Major Role)

TBA - Vacation (Major Role)


Music Video:

S - Sad Way

Lee Seung Hwan - Ask

Sonya - Your Scent

G.O.D - Love and Memory, After You Left Me, I Need You, The Fool, Sad Love, You Don't Know

Jo SungMo - Do You Know

Cha TaeHyun - I love You

Brown Eyes - With Coffee

Yoo Hee Yeol - Summer Days


My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho


Arang and the Magistrate


My Love, My Bride


Oh My Venus


Tomorrow With You


Chief of staff



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