Shin SungRok Profile: Handsome Actor Of 189cm From "You Who Came from the Stars" To "Vagabond " Profile

Shin SungRok (신성록)


Find out the profile of Korean actor Shin SungRok.




Nov 23 1982

Blood Type



189 cm


2002 in the SBS Drama "Shoot For The Stars"


ENTJ (Commander)


The University of Suwon


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Shin SungRok (Shin SeongRok) is a Korean actor.

At first, he was active in musicals, and with his popularity, he entered the drama and movie industries and gained a lot of popularity. After his debut as an actor, he played a lot of wonderful roles. Overseas, many would remember him as the villain in the worldwide popular drama "You Who Came from the Stars" (2013). Shin SungRok also played a villain in "Liar Game" and once again impressed the public with his tall height and his charismatic eyes. In 2018, he played an attractive villain in "Return" and "The Last Empress" one of his most popular dramas.

After that, Shin SungRok appeared in "Vagabond" in 2019 and performed spectacular action scenes. In 21020, he will appear in "Kairos" scheduled to air in October.

Let's check out his filmography.




2002 -  Shoot For The Stars (Minor Role)

2003 - A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House (Minor Role)

2006 -  Hyena (Major Role)

2007 - Thank You (Major Role)

- Drama City: I'm a Very Special Lover (Minor Role)

2008 - The Art of Seduction (Major Role)

- Three Dads One Mom (Major Role)

- My Life's Golden Age (Major Role)

2010 - Definitely Neighbors (Major Role)

2013 - You Who Came from the Stars (Minor Role)

2014 - Trot Lovers (Major Role)

- Liar Game (Major Role)

- The King's Face (Major Role)

2016 - On The Way To The Airport (Major Role)

2017 - Man Who Dies to Live (Major Role)

2018 - Return (Major Role)

- The Last Empress (Major Role)

2019 - Perfume (Major Role)

- Vagabond (Major Role)

2020 - Kairos (Major Role)



2005 - My Lovely Week (Minor Role)

2007 - The Worst Guy Ever (Major Role)

2008 - 6 Years in Lover (Minor Role)

- The Rabbit (Major Role)

2010 - River of Murder (Major Role)

- Finding Mr. Destiny (Cameo Appearance)

2011  - The Story Of My Life (Cameo Appearance)

- Fighting Spirit (Cameo Appearance)

2016 - The Age of Shadows (Minor Role)

2017 - The Prison (Minor Role)



2004 - Mosquito

2005 - Singin' In The Rain

2006 - Dracula

2007 - Dancing Shadows

- Finding Mr.Destiny

- Hamlet

- Broken heart

2008 - Fiddler on the Roof

2009 - My Scary Girl

- Romeo & Juliet

- Jack the Ripper

2010 - MonteCristo

- The Story of My Life

- tick, tick... Boom!

- Hero

2011 - MonteCristo

2013 - Closer

- Carmen

2014 - Le Roi Soleil

2015 - Elisabeth

2016 - Mata Hari

- Daddy Long Legs

2017 - MonteCristo

- Sandglass

2018 - The Devotion of Suspect X

- Daddy Long Legs

2019 - Rebecca

- Daddy Long Legs

2020 - MonteCristo


Music Video:

Lee SeungChul - MuJung


You Who Came from the Stars


Liar Game




The Last Empress





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