Song JoongKi Profile: Top Hallyu Actor From "Descendants Of The Sun" To "Vincenzo" Profile

Song JoongKi (송중기)


Here is Song JoongKi profile!






Sep 19 1985

Blood Type



178 cm


64 kg


2008 in “A Frozen Flower”


ENFJ (Protagonist)


Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Business Administration

Military Service Period

Aug 27, 2013 ~ May 26, 2015

Official SNS

※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Song JoongKi is a top Hallyu actor.

He made his debut in the 2008 movie "A Frozen Flower".
After acting as a supporting actor and roles in many works, he made his name known in the 2010 drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal".

After this, he starred in "Deep Rooted Tree" in 2011, a turning point in his acting life. He took on a small proportion of the drama of about four episodes where he was acting as the child version of King Sejong. But the actor left a strong impact and was well received for his performance.

Song JoongKi showed a voice, atmosphere, and delicate performance 180 degrees different from Gu YongHa in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and broke the public's prejudice. Through this work, he instilled the recognition that he was not just an ordinary handsome actor, but an actor who was good at acting.

After this, he starred in "The Innocent Man" (2012) and "A Werewolf Boy" (2012).
Song JoongKi appeared in "The Innocent Man" and showed his acting that included both good and evil from the beginning, showing his qualities as a top star. He won the highest award at the KBS Drama Awards for this work. He also said that for the movie "A Werewolf Boy", he had to act as a wolf without dialogue, so he studied the actual movement of the wolf and made a lot of preparations. His delicately prepared film surpassed 7 million spectators. It was very popular.
It made 2012 the 'Song JoongKi's year' because both the drama and the movie he appeared in were popular.

Since then, Song JoongKi has served his mandatory military service from 2013 to 2015.

His return work was "Descendants of the Sun" (2016). Song JoongKi was very well received. The public named the "Song JoongKi genre" after "Descendants of the Sun" because he showed his excellent acting ability regardless of the genre, such as melody, romantic comedy, and action. The actor was evaluated as having grown up in his acting ability. After his military discharge, he succeeded in showing a manly image different from the existing soft and mellow image.

In July 2017, he reported on his marriage to actress Song HyeKyo, with who he acted in the drama "Descendants of the Sun," and in October of the same year, they held the ceremony.
However, two years later, in 2019, he reported the news of divorce and ended his marriage in less than two years.
At the time of marriage, the couple gathered a massive topic with their "wedding of the century," so when they divorced in less than two years, they surprised many people.

After this, Song JoongKi appeared in "Arthdal Chronicles" (2019), "Space Sweepers" (2021), "Vincenzo" (2021), and so on.

Especially in the drama "Vincenzo", he acted as a cold-blooded criminal who has a romantic and beautiful angelic face. Part of the mafia, he commits all kinds of crimes but worked to suppress the bad people.
He received a lot of love for this character, and the public said that Vincenzo was one of the best characters of Song Joong Ki.

According to the annual survey report on the Korean Wave overseas by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange, he is among the favorite Korean actor overseas. He was number 3 in 2019.

Let's take a look at his filmography.




2008 - A Frozen Flower (Supporting Role)

2009 - Five Senses Of Eros (Major Role)

- Where the Truth Lies (Supporting Role)

2010 - Hearty Paws 2 (Major Role)

2011 - Penny Pinchers (Major Role)

2012 - The Grand Heist (Cameo appearance)

- A Werewolf Boy (Major Role)

2017 - The Battleship Island (Major Role)

2021 - Space Sweepers (Major Role)

TBA - Bogotá (Major Role)



2008 - My Precious You (Supporting Role)

2009 - Triple (Supporting Role)

- Will It Snow for Christmas? (Major Role)

- My Fair Lady (Cameo appearance)

2010 - OB & GY (Supporting Role)

- Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Major Role)

2011 - Deep Rooted Tree (Supporting Role)

2012 - The Innocent Man (Major Role)

2016 - Descendants of the Sun (Major Role)

- The Sound of Your Heart (Supporting Role)

2017 - Man to Man (Supporting Role)

2019 - Arthdal Chronicles: Season 1 (Major Role)

2021 - Vincenzo (Major Role)

TBA - The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate (Major Role)

TBA - Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2 (Major Role)


Music Video:

- Tei's Poisonous Tongue

- Kim Jong Kook's Men Are All Like That

- Heize - 'HAPPEN'


Sungkyunkwan Scandal


Deep Rooted Tree


The Innocent Man


A Werewolf Boy


Descendants of the Sun


Arthdal Chronicles



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