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Yeo JinGoo (여진구)


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Aug 13 1997

Blood Type



175 cm


65 kg


2005 in the Movie "Sad Movie"


ENTJ (Commander)


Chungang University, Theater and Film Department


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Yeo JinGoo is a South Korean actor.

He made his debut in 2005 as a child in the film "Sad Movie".
The eight-year-old has drawn attention from his debut film, with his heart-wrenching acting that wet the audience's eyes incredibly.

Since then, he has played child roles in many works. His child roles include "Iljimae" (2008), "Tazza" (2008), "Giant" (2010), "Moon Embracing the Sun" (2012), and "Missing You" (2012).

In 2012, when he took Kim SooHyun's child role in "Moon Embracing the Sun", he attracted much attention from the public.
Yeo JinGoo made countless women's hearts flutter with his incredible acting skills, charming voice, and delicate eye acting, and earned the nickname "Jingu Oppa" (who is handsome even if he is young). It was hard to believe that he was a middle-school student because of such talent.

He had a deep and low-pitched sweet voice that is uncommon, but he thought of the voice as complex. But afterward, he felt that his voice was one of his charms.

He first played his role in 2013 in "Hwayi: A Monster Boy". It is his first role that is not someone's child role. The film starred talented Korean film actors Kim YoonSeok, Cho JinWoong, and Kim SungKyun. He drew a lot of attention and expectations because of his young age among the cast.

Yeo JinGoo showed his presence among the great actors, showing his deep-changing acting and dynamic action as the main character, and received great reviews from critics and famous directors as well as media audiences.

His later roles include "Circle" (2017), "The Crowned Clown" (2019), "Hotel Del Luna" (2019), and "Beyond Evil" (2021).

In 2019, Yeo JinGoo appeared in the drama "The Crowned Clown" and "Hotel Del Luna" and burst his potential again.

In "The Crowned Clown", Yeo JinGoo perfectly acted out two different roles and portrayed the character in an emotional performance.

In "Hotel Del Luna," he showed a good performance that melted 100% into the role of Koo ChanSung, a thoroughly self-managed perfectionist. He played scenes with emotions that were increasingly difficult to act as the episodes went on.

Yeo JinGoo also won the Best Male Performance Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his extremely flexible and wide-spectrum performance in theJANUS dJANUSkorama "Beyond Evil" in 2021.

Check out the filmography of the talented actor Yeo JinGoo.




2005 - Sad Movie (Major Role)

2006 - Apple - The Modern Fairytale (Major Role)

- No Mercy For The Rude (Minor Role)

2008 - Santamaria (Supporting Role)

- Antique (Supporting Role)

- A Frozen Flower (Minor Role)

- Santa Maria (Supporting Role)

2012 - Dance of the Dragon (Supporting Role)

2013 - Hwayi: A Monster Boy (Major Role)

2014 - Professional Mr.Baek (Major Role)

- Tazza-The Hidden Card (Cameo appearance)

2015 - Shoot Me in the Heart (Major Role)

- The Long Way Home (Major Role)

2017 - WARRIORS OF THE DAWN (Major Role)

- 1987:When the Day Comes (Cameo appearance)



2006 - I Want to Love (Supporting Role)

- Yeon Gaesomun (Minor Role)

- Queen of the Game (Minor Role)

2007 - H.I.T (Minor Role)

2008 - Iljimae (Supporting Role)

- The Grand Chef (Minor Role)

- Tazza (Minor Role)

2009 - Swallow the Sun (Minor Role)

- Ja Myung Go (Supporting Role)

- Can Anyone Love (Supporting Role)

2010 - The Reputable Family (Supporting Role)

- Giant (Supporting Role)

2011 - Warrior Baek Dong-soo (Supporting Role)

- Deep Rooted Tree (Supporting Role)

2012 - Moon Embracing the Sun (Major Role)

- Missing You (Supporting Role)

2013 - Potato Star 2013QR3 (Major Role)

2015 - Orange Marmalade (Major Role)

2016 - The Royal Gambler (Major Role)

2017 - Circle (Major Role)

- Reunited Worlds (Major Role)

2019 - The Crowned Clown (Major Role)

- My Absolute Boyfriend (Major Role)

- Hotel Del Luna (Major Role)

2020 - Start-Up (Cameo Appearance)

2021 - Beyond Evil (Major Role)


Music Video:

- K.will's I need you

- Back JiYoung's Still in Love




Yeon GaeSoMun






Ja Myung Go




Warrior Baek Dong-soo


Missing You


Moon Embracing the Sun


Hwayi: A Monster Boy


Hotel Del Luna


The Crowned Clown


Beyond Evil

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