Yoo YeonSeok Profile: Charismatic Actor In “Mr. Sunshine” And Friend With SeHun Profile

Yoo YeonSeok (Ahn YeonSeok / 안연석)


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Apr 11 1984

Blood Type



183 cm


72 kg


2003 in "Old Boy"


ENFP (Campaigner)


SeJong University, Department of Acting, For Theatre, Film, and TV, Master Degree

Official SNS


※ Update: Sep 2, 2021

Yoo YeonSeok is a South Korean actor.

His real name is Ahn YeonSeok and he was born in 1984. He made his film debut in 2003 when he starred as a child in the film "Oldboy".

Later, he starred in the films "Eighteen, Nineteen" (2010), "Re-encounter" (2011), and "Horror Stories" (2012). In 2012, he gained popularity with his supporting roles in the movies "Architecture 101" and "A Werewolf Boy".

In the early 2010s, he was mainly recognized as an actor specializing in villains. It is in 2013 that he changed his image. The turning point in his acting career: "Reply 1994" (2013). In "Reply 1994", he plays the role of handsome baseball player "Chilbongi" and wins a lot of fans by showing off his fresh and friendly appearance. This is also when he started to gain popularity overseas.

Since then, he has starred in "Warm and Cozy" and "Dr. Romantic" and has continued his steady career in various roles, including musicals "Hedwig", films "The informants", "Mood of the Day", "The Beauty Inside" and "LOVE, LIES". For his musical, he underwent shocking transformations.

In 2018, he played Goo DongMae in "Mr. Sunshine" (available on Netflix). The drama was very popular in Korea, and in the drama, he showed tit-for-tat chemistry between Lee ByungHun and Byun YoHan, causing many people to suffer from the same disease.

His next drama since then is "Hospital Playlist" (available on Netflix), which aired in 2020. It is a drama about the close friends of 20 years who are working in a hospital.

The actor is also friend with EXO's SeHun, they met on the Netflix program "Busted" when he appeared as a guest.

Let's check his filmography!



2003 - Old Boy (Minor Role)

2009 - Short! Short! Short! (Major Role)

2011 - Re-encounter (Major Role)

2012 - Eighteen, Nineteen (Major Role)

- Architecture 101 (Minor Role)

- Horror Stories (Major Role)

- A Werewolf Boy (Minor Role)

- Two Weddings and a Funeral (Cameo Appearance)

2013 - Born to Sing (Minor Role)

- Hwayi: A Monster Boy(Minor Role)

2014 - The Whistleblower (Major Role)

- The Royal Tailor (Major Role)

2015 - Perfect Proposal (Major Role)

- The Beauty Inside (Major Role)

2016 - Love, Lies (Major Role)

- Mood of the Day (Major Role)

- A Quiet Dream (Cameo Appearance)

2020 - Summit: Steel Rain (Major Role)

- Puppy (Major Role)

- New Year's Eve (Major Role)



2008 - General Hospital 2 (Minor Role)

2009 - Dream (Minor Role)

- Soul (Minor Role)

2010 - Running, Gu (Minor Role)

- Pure Pumpkin Flower (Minor Role)

2011 - Midnight Hospital (Minor Role)

- A Thousand Kisses (Minor Role)

2012 - Tasty Life (Minor Role)

- What About Mom? (Minor Role)

2013 - Gu Family Book (Minor Role)

- Reply 1994 (Major Role)

2015 - Warm and Cozy(Mendorong Ddoddot) (Major Role)

2016 - Dr. Romantic (Major Role)

2018 - Mr. Sunshine (Major Role)

2020 - Hospital Playlist (Major Role)

2021 - Hospital Playlist 2 (Major Role)


Music Video:

Yoon JongShin's "What Need To Be Done Tomorrow"

Honey G's "Baboya"

HyoLin's "One Way Love"

Toy's "Three Of Us"

BANGBANG X STANDING EGG's "Because you are pretty"

K.Will's "Those Days"



Architecture 101


Reply 1994


The Beauty Inside


Dr. Romantic


Love, Lies


Mr. Sunshine


Hospital Playlist

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you forgot to add Mood of the Day in his movies 😀

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