After the first episode of Produce 48, Starship Entertainment trainee Jang WonYoung is already becoming the center of attention among all other trainees.

Her visuals that resemble Apink's Son NaEun along with her signature 'wink' has earned her the nickname 'wink girl', kind of the way Park JiHoon became known for his 'heart capture' pose.

Center Position For Produce 48 Already Decided? Netizens Think So


The surprising thing about Jang WonYoung is that she is only fifteen years old. It seems that many netizens and viewers of the show have already chosen her as their pick to support to the end. But of course, it's not just visuals alone that will determine the ranking, and we will have to see if she has what it takes to also win the recognition of the viewers through skills as well.


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Jul 26, 2018 01:58 am

I luv to watch to p48