According to Billboard reports, it has officially been announced that Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers will be working on a song with BTS for the latter's much anticipated album 'Love Yourself: Her'. 

Both parties have met during BTS's visit to the United States for the Billboard Music Awards 2017. They seemed to get along well and fans were hyping up the possibility of a collaboration on social media at the time. And now it seems their wish has finally come true. Given their reputations and past music releases, it is likely the collaboration song will be something along the lines of pop-based EDM with the signature Chainsmokers vibe laced with the boy band's K-Pop vocals.  As of yet, there has been no other additional information regarding BTS's upcoming album that has been released to the public. There are no leaks of the song at this point and all we know so far is that the title of it is 'Best of Me'.

The Chainsmokers & BTS Collaboration Confirmed

The Chainsmokers Official Twitter


As we have seen so far through various teasers,photos, and posters, the upcoming album seems more than likely to be a release with different themes. Photoshoots have already been released in four different versions and it wouldn't be too far off to predict that the music releases will also have a similar arrangement as well.

'Love Yourself:Her" is set to be released sometime around at the end of September. 


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