Suspicions of high ranking police officials being corrupt and aiding BIGBANG member SeungRi have been circulating ever since the recent scandals first broke out a few weeks back.

It turns out that a new conversation log from one of the chat rooms potentially is proof that shows that a police official was involved.

Although it is not directly connected to club Burning Sun, currently being investigated for alleged use of date rape drugs on unsuspecting women, it does concern a club that was once thought to be owned by SeungRi.

Known as Monkey Museum, the club was once penalized for violating the Food and Sanitation Act of South Korea.

Below is the chat room conversation.

Chat Room Shows How Someone In The Police Helped BIGBANG SeungRi


Kim: I think the club will blow up in success if we just take care of the air conditioning problem.

SeungRi: Yeah.

Kim: Yesterday, I saw some of the texts exchanged between **** hyung and the chief of police.

Kim: I think that problem that someone stabbed us with is taken care of.

SeungRi: What did it say?

Kim: It was really long. Someone from a different club took photos of the inside of the club and reported it.

Kim: The chief of police said some other club tried to screw us over but told us not to worry, sounded like he was going to take care of it lol.


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