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aespais one of the most talked about K-Pop groups these days and they had just made a powerful debut with their debut track 'Black Mamba'.

If you have yet to check out their visually pleasing music video, you can do so below.

Recently, the girls have been promoting the song on various music shows, showing off how they have the potential and skills as the next K-Pop group.

The attention and interest in them from fans and netizens are no joke and some were also seen morphing the faces of the members together.

Check Out The Morphed Photo Of All The Members From aespa

aespa fc Instagram

Those who had seen the end result could not help but pointed out that they could see more of NingNing than other members.

Others also shared that NingNing has distinctive facial features and even if they had morphed all the members together, the final result still looks really good.

Currently, aespa is promoting 'Black Mamba' on various music shows.

Could see you other members in the morphed result?


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